Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walk on the Wild Side

Nevel and I started out around 9:30
A little round penning first
Then the saddle with the Comfort Girth (Frank Baines)

What a least as far as Nevel was concerned
Buck Buck Buck
So off with the CG and on with the ratty old ortho-flex girth
Buck Buck Buck
Hmmmm, ok, you are just being a brat?

I walked him up to the barn to get his bridle and breast collar
Tacked him up with it and then wandered down the trail
 He was well behaved-acted like there had not been a bucking session.
I hand walked him across the road and in to the woods (the wild side  : )
He snorted once and kept moving-well behaved
We turned left at Sewer Road and took the upper trail and looped back around
He investigated the "Sewer Monsters" with outstretched neck
Then decided they were boring
As we continued up the trail, someone called out "Hellooo."  They were riding Blue from the barn.
We followed Blue and rider down the Sewer Trail to the upper meadow trail.  Blue turned left and I kept Nevel going straight.  He whinnied and whinnied, but Blue did not even answer him and they soon disappeared out of sight.
Wow it was getting hot in the sun out there in the "Meadow."  I kept an eye out for snakes and Nevel kept an eye out for Blue.

We looped around, went past the junk piles from both directions then headed up the hill to the Sewer Trail again.
Nevel had another look and then we looped back around to the trail home.  Nevel thought he was done, but I thought it was time to get on and ride him.
He stood nicely while I mounted and then after a few false starts with him trying to hang out by his friends at the fence, we managed to trot around the arena in serpentines in various directions for about 20 min.
He was pretty well behaved-but does like to stop at the gate near the horse trailers.  He also likes to get his head way down to the dirt-but he actually did it less then the last time I rode him and he was paying attention nicely.

That seemed like a good stopping place-time for Carrots and back to the pasture.

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