Sunday, January 12, 2014

Playing CATCH UP !!!

Wow, it has been a LONG time since I last posted on Nov. 12th!
Nevels Leg has made a miraculous recovery-although it is still in the healing stages.
You can look at previous blogs for the history on this injury...but I have included a few pics of the stages of the healing process.

I hate to say it, but this wound almost healed due to neglect!  I refused to call the Vet out because the wound was full of mud, not bleeding and had obviously been like that for 2 days since the Trainer had been with him 3 days prior to the injury.

Also, initially, I was hosing it out everyday...then was unable to get out to the barn.  Theresa was a tremendous help with this as was Mike the trainer for awhile.  Then things seemed to fall apart and I came out 3 days later and found that the bandage had not been I took it off, hosed him, but on the WELL HORSE and repeated the same thing 3 days later.  Initially there was a small amount of drainage and we used ladies pads, then I switched over to Telfa-non-stick with the coban wraps.
Now I change the bandage once a week that it is healed...just there for protection.  A Miracle for SURE!
Initial wound when after Chris found him and Theresa hosed it out with a garden hose and betadine
This is the left fore
 Same wound different view
Treatment included Hosing, Betadine, Well Horse and 5 days of Uniprim
 The right hind had a slice and divet.   I haven't further photographed the hind
but the diver is now gone and the slice/crack remains deep but growing out.
 Bandaged prettily at Christmas time.
Prior to this we had a big leg wrap on it to prevent him from biting the wound which he would do at times and made it bloody and nasty!
 This photo was taken about 2-3 weeks later I believe
A Month Out
 Here we are at Christmas time...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?????
 And Here we are on JAN 1, 2014 !!!!!!
 I am keeping it bandaged as it is still a little soft and bleeds easily when bumped.
Nevel is not impressed with Orange Wrap!  
His favorites are Green, Blue, Purple!

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