Sunday, January 12, 2014

The past has passed-Life in itself IS ENDURANCE

The prior stories do not even cover the emotional I was travailing through during all of Nevels injuries...
I had personal trauma, Work trauma with my boss, personal illness, school, school and more school that required 4 10 page papers to be written in an 8 week timeframe-not to mention the exams and other assignments that went along with them.
At Thanksgiving-on the verge of breakdown (and I don't breakdown-at least not easily) I grabbed the last seat on a plane to Montana to go visit my mom, step-dad, sister and her family and grandkids.

It was a welcome break...only it WASNT a break...because I had an exam to take while there.  I was cruising through the Exam when I received a phone call from Animal Control saying my dogs back in CA  were being a barking nuisance and they were going to site me....WHAT????  A "friend" was SUPPOSED to be putting the bark collars on and off the dogs while I was gone!

So I attempted to text and call him, at first no answer, but finally he did answer and went immediately to my house to care for the dogs.

I then had the final half of my exam to finish before time ran out....I struggled, I couldn't think...and also Mike called and asked about Falcon.  Prior to me leaving I had discussed with him about moving Falcon to a new home...but had still been putting it off.  I had so much emotional trauma going on I couldn't bear dealing with Falcon too, but I KNEW I just could not get back on and ride him...AND it was EXPENSIVE to just keep him as a pasture pet.  I just kept having mini panic attacks while riding on him...When Mike called, it was like the straw that broke the Camels back!!!!!

I told Mike to go ahead and move Falcon while I was gone...I couldn't deal with it...nor felt that I would be able to move him myself with breaking down in to a heap of tears.

I managed to get a 68/100 on the test! UGH....there went my A in the class...but I am happy to say that I did end up with a high B in the class!

That said, I healed from my emotional and health trauma, passed my two classes, working on the Boss/work relationship and in a much much happier place for 2014!!!!!.
Personally I give the credit to God and the people that God put in my life to support me through the traumatic experiences.  Both my mom and step-dad just held me when they came home and found me in a ball of tears over supportive.
I've done trauma without God and with God...and I will take the path with Him any day of the week!

So, this blog that I started for Falcon and I has now ended in the framework of Falcon.  I get choked up still thinking about how life changed for the two of us as partners...but it is for the best for both of us.
However, I do plan to continue on at present with Silly Nevel.  One never knows...and for certain Life itself IS ENDURANCE!!!!~!

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