Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sneak Preview

My last three weeks have consisted of a lot of construction dust
and making multiple trips walking to and from the Main Hospital
 where we were temporarily doing surgeries
(5 miles I walked the first day-2-3 thereafter when we were more organized)
My "home base" was being revamped and updated in to the 21st century
New Lights
Walls painted white
(previously that institution green!)
 Video Equipment that no one will know how to work?
Now it is time to roll in the O.R. Bed, Tables and Anesthesia Equipment.
I CANT take it Anymore!!!!
Time for some FRESH AIR!
I collected Nevel around noon on today and took him to the round pen.
He did some head tossing, but was basically compliant.
Then I saddled him up...
Obviously M. has not had a saddle on him?
I switched out the Fat Toklat pad for the Skito.
Still a few bucks, but then Nevel settled in.
I lunged him in the Arena

My dream...LOL
Then decided to mount...he kept stepping away from the mounting block
So Sue stood by his head while I jumped on.
Pronto arrived (Turns out that Pronto and his mom were dressed in turquoise and purple just like Nevel and I pictures though  : (
We did some sauntering around in the arena while Bleu was cantering around jumping.
Soon Freeman was ready to go and I decided to just saunter down the lane with Pronto and Freeman.
Nevel was doing well, so we crossed the road and strolled through the Big Wood with them
When we reached the Meadow I decided to call it quits while we were ahead.
Nevel did not appreciate being separated from his pals and planted his feet,
Then tried a severe head toss and a slight leap sideways
But he soon decided that I was the boss and we made it back home safely.
Great short ride to start our riding experience together.
Thanks Pronto and Freeman!

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