Saturday, August 13, 2016

Perseeus (ASPEN)

His name is Perseeus.
I guess I could call him Persee, but that's just not me
ASPEN-that is what it will be
I love Aspen trees, and the gentle music they make
as they whisper in the wind
He reminds me almost too much of Falcon-But hopefully has a more stable brain!
pictured here at age 2-he is now almost 4.  On his way to visit a cowboy to get more training
under his built before traversing from near Tulsa Oklahoma..guess I better talk to T to see if there is more "room in the Inn."


irish horse said...

Wow, lots of adventures for you! Very handsome, though I love the name Perseus since it ties into his parentage, plus such a cool mythological story. But Aspen will work too!

falconfeathers said...

Ahh I will probably just call him Persee- the name is growing on me