Saturday, August 13, 2016


I used to dream of riding the Tevis

But no longer
I don't think I have the wits for those Canyon trails
AFTER MANY MANY YEARS (7 of which I have lived only 30 miles from the finish line)
I decided to venture to the Forest Hill Vet Check and feel the excitement.
It was so worth the dust!

I hung around while the first 11 riders came through

fantastic pit crew in action.

Some riders made their pit crew run after them!
I Ride for Kevin Meyer (remembrances for a dear endurance friend who had recently passed away)

Kevin's horse was ridden by his life partner

Mom & Son team

Husband and wife team (I think) LOL  lost track of who was who
And a 75 year old came in 6th place who had been dreaming of riding the TEVIS for 50 years!
Ok, maybe there is hope for me

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