Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sunday Adventures 1

Two Sunday's ago Nevel and I were invited to ride along withR and Chili.
We had been attempting this for several weeks, but first Chili had hives and then Nevel was lame for no apparent reasons.

So that Sunday was the day- we started out slow and easy with another horse and rider.
We mainly walked and did some trotting too with Chili and Nevel vying for the lead.
R wanted to take it slow, but along came some fast endurance fit looking Arabians.

Nevel wanted to follow and set off at a fast pace, whinnying all the way. R felt that Chili was getting of control but he looked fine to me.  R exclaimed "I'm having a REALLY bad ride and it is all because of Nevel!"

I stopped  and Nevz threw a fit and started backing up.  I turned  around in the saddle and saw R standing on the ground.  Why?  I have no clue but Nevz was being ornery yet I managed to steer him away from R.

I said " why don't you guys ride together and I will take Nevz on a different trail-they were worried for me to be alone but I said no worries and took Nevz on up the trail.  He hollered all the way home-why I don't know that either...regardless we made it home unscathed after about a 4.5 mile ride.

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