Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunday Rides 2

Last Sunday I decided that Nevel and I would venture out on our own.
There didn't seem to be anyone else to ride with anyway.

Beau and Blue having a visit
R showed up, but I figured she wouldn't want to ride after her previous Sunday ride
experience with Nevel...besides...she said Chili had a sore shoulder from an improper fitting saddle.

Nevz and I headed out onto the Jeep trail through the forest.  If I had had my wits about me
and a more controlled pony I would have taken pictures of the gutted, rocky and steep trail.
The views were awesome and the trail quiet.  shortly before the below pictures were taken, Nevz had a MAJOR spook- We were trotting up hill and had just crested when he came to a dead stop so quick that it jarred my teeth and in that same moment he dipped downward and sideways.  Thankfully I was balanced and stayed on...hitting those rocks with my body wouldn't have been fun!  Also he then planted his feet and stared hard upwardly....hmmmm-nothing but sky unless the vultures shadow had spooked him!
What did you say Mom?  You expect me to JUMP THAT????!!!!!

We had one other small spook where someone had left machinery in the field, but Nevz managed to collect himself and sidled toward the meadow then took off at a 12.7 mph canter.
 After a nice 5 mile Jaunt of trotting and a little cantering Nevel decided to have a good roll in the grass.   His pasture mate shakes his head in disgust at the youngsters antics.
And a neck scratch 
MOM?  Do I look like Donald Trump???


irish horse said...

If I'm around I'd go out anytime, no whining from me! My horse can be good or bad, but I'll take that responsibility, good luck on trail!

falconfeathers said...

I'll touch base with you soon. Nevel had sore feet this past sSunday on our 8 mile jaunt. I really need to invest in some boots of some kind for him. He will get to rest this week and weekend- then I'll be back in town. Nevel needs more practice behaving while riding with other horses