Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 2 First Ride

Nevel was neglected again today...but no worries...tomorrow is HIS day!

Persee greeted me and dropped his head right in his halter.  He is so light on his feet...just lovely.
I took him to the trailer and gave him some feed...then up to the barn lot for grooming.
He was literally shaking in his shoes when I tied him to the tree...but after a few min. he calmed down.
I tied him shorter today and he stood better, especially since several people and another horse were now hanging out as well.
Snacks, brushed, saddle on.  GOOD BOY!  didn't even flinch while I made many adjustments to the latigos and girth.  I need a shorter girth for him than for Nevel...imagine that!  He is so tall though-WOW!

Helmet on, Bridle in hand...S handed me her lunge line and whip and we headed down to the arena.
S and SH said "you aren't going to ride him are you?  you are BRAVE!"

I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but just "see"  after all, is only three.

1.  Walk around the arena both ways and make sure there aren't spooky things in the trees
2.  Walk through the middle of the arena
3.  Park at the mounting block  (previous owner said Trainer didn't make him stand still for mounting)
     took a few tries for him to figure out exactly where I wanted him, but by try 3 or 4 he had it down  
      pretty well.
4.  leaned on him, stroked him all over while I stood on the mounting block.  Slapped the stirrups and
     saddle and rustled the cantle pack.
5.  Lunged him both ways at WTC.  He isn't perfect, but did well, doesn't know voice commands for
6.  Put his bridle on, adjusted the girth and got on and he took off when my leg was just about over his back.  I pulled him around with one rein and made him stand...he STANDS really well.

7.  Started riding and he started balking and shaking his head violently.  I tried him in several directions...same thing, then I saw little bugs around his head and a black looking bee like creature, so I took him back to the mounting block and as soon as he stood still I jumped off.

Ugh...hhhmmmm, was it the bridle?  The saddle?  Me (my balance is not the best at times)?  The bugs?
I shortened the stirrups since I had them as long as they would go to ride Nevel's round barrel, checked his bit/bridle/girth and got back on.
REPEAT-he took off and I plopped hard in the saddle-but hey, at least it wasn't on the GROUND!
He stood still fine once I did the One Rein stop.  Off we went again and REPEAT-head tossing etc.
This time I kept him going straight down the arena.  When we hit the breeze the bugs were gone and Persee settled down and walked figure 8s and circles pretty well for me.
Back to the Mounting block-Whoah-off I go.  GOOD BOY.

He promptly responded with rubbing his head on me.  I walked over to pick up the lunge line and Persee just stood in the arena like he was tied to the ground...then followed me as I walked back past him.
We went out in the lane, saddle still on, walked up past the barn lot and down to the gate that blocks thru traffic.  I led him through the narrow passage for horses-he was a bit nervous so we turned around and did it again.
Back to the barn lot, saddle off, curried, snacked and loved on, to the trailer for grain, then back to the paddock pasture.

He likes to be right in your lap,  I need to teach him to give me some space when we are walking.
But he was a very good boy.  Might try and trot him around tomorrow if Nevel doesn't wear me out...

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