Sunday, October 30, 2016

Just Like Christmas!

Finally took some time to organize the mess in the horse trailer.  The tack room is more like a storage area since I don't own a barn...clutter and trash.  I utilized a 50lb feed bag and filled it up with trash and some dry rotted does this stuff accumulate?  Obviously I need to provide myself with a trash bag in the trailer!  IT was JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS-finding stuff I had forgotten about!

Keeper Pile, Trash Pile, Sell Pile, Give Away Pile

I think the Easy Boots are Dry Rotted!  I have had them since 2007!
Falcons Bridle and a map from the lovely trails of Shenandoah Nat. Park-Wow! I miss those trails!
Making progress with the clutter!

Organizing my backpack/water pack at home-A life saver! so much easier than bottles and I have it on me if I get dumped!  room for jacket, keys, phone, camera  etc and 2 L water!  Love it!
Fall is in the Air-Lotza oranges around!

Time for a treat after all of that work!
Yummy Persimmons here-also mandarins-but they were TART!  not quite ripe enough!

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