Saturday, October 22, 2016


I said hello to Nevel who had his ears perked up and neck arched as he inquisitively peered in to the bullrushes by the pond.  I didn't figure out what was so interesting because he galloped over to me for snacks and a scratch.
He considered himself lucky to stay with his friends in the Pasture...and only because I had to take the trailer in to have the tires checked.

Persee was my focus today-to see how he had faired his first night in the dark.
When he saw me walking to the pen he immediately came trotting over out of his little pasture.
I have no doubt that that he does this for anyone.  He is so lovable.
He had some missing skin on his head and chin...probably from the hay rack, but other than that he looked happy.

The pics I took have already been posted from my phone, and it seems I can't edit them here on the blog with words when I send them that way!  :  (
After a quick snack at the horse trailer we walked up to the barn.  He was a little nervous but nothing bad.  I tied him to the tree and he could not stand still-nervously swinging his rear end around and looping his lead rope over his I tied him shorter.  When he stood still I gave him some rubs and snacks.
He was great picking up his front feet.  His backs not so much.  Groomed and quieter, I led him back to the horse trailer down the lane for fly spray and more snacks then back to the pasture.
Then I attempted to hook up my horse trailer.  I was in perfect alignment, but every time I put the brake on and got out to finish the job the car would rock forward just enough so that I couldn't complete the hitch.  One time I did get it and started lowering the hitch only to realize I hadn't opened up the coupler and it was jammed on the ball.  When I raised it enough to open it the car seemed to jump forward and then I couldn't get the coupler back on the ball.


So I pulled forward and backed up again, only to be slightly out of alignment and no amount of rocking the trailer would make it jump on to the ball...
Try again.  Perfect alignment, car jumps forward when brake is put on...backed it up further next time...and it was just too far back.
REPEAT X 7!  oh good grief!  I can't believe what looked like less than an inch could cause so many issues!
SWEAT ...oh excuse me...GLISTENING in all my GLORY I hopped in the car and requested Siri to take me to Americas Tire...she repeated some other establishment back to me...nothing that had to do with tires.  is my pronunciation really THAT BAD?  maybe my spelling is too?  So I told her (FIRMLY) again to take me to AMERICAS TIRE in ROCKLIN- she said "OK KIM" in a very firm tone of voice which I did not quite like.  The nerve of a PHONE giving me grief!
I begin driving and she tells me to go 24 miles on I-80.   I think she was getting back at me!
SAY WHAT?  AT in Rocklin is only about 8 miles away....ok, forget it SIRI, I think I remember how to get there from here...FORGET YOU!

As suspected, the right rear tire really was flat (35lbs of pressure)  Oh only 30lbs low since I filled it up less than 2 months ago!  AT fixed it for free and topped off my other I can take my glistening self home!

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