Sunday, October 30, 2016

Getting to Know You...

Saturday was the day for Nevel and Perseeus to meet-
First I had to package and label their food for the Caretakers-

seems there was some drama at the barn over the FOUR containers I left there last week-I had forgotten to take the big barrel back to the Feed Store.

But regardless there were grumblings over the added containers-the Caretaker said each person could have only 2 containers....ok FINE...I have TWO HORSES, so Technically  SHOULD be able to have FOUR containers.
But as I said...1 Huge one was going back to the feed store, one trash can holds loose feed and ziplock bags and the other two small ones are individual for P and Nevel since the owners want everything labeled, zipped, divided to make it easier at feeding time.

Next I lunged and rode Persee in the Arena-Mr Ornery buckaroo

Cool damp weather and all of the horses were feeling their oats.  But P only gave one small buck while I was riding him-
He does not know verbally commands and he SLAMMED on the brakes while trotting when I told him "GOOD BOY!"

Then I had to pick the Cockle burrs out of Nevel's Mane and Tail...WHAT A MESS!  and OUCH -those boogers are SHARP!

Perseeus says..."who's my new pasture mate?"
"NEIGHHHHHBOR over the fence

Nevel seems to have grown a "paint" extension and is only "TOLERATING" the new addition
Persee followed Nevel everywhere


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