Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Today was the Day...

Today was the day I was going to clean out the horse trailer.
But I didn't.

First I fiddled at home making sure my new water backpack was ready to go.
It was advertised on Facebook for runners-light weight, lots of pockets and a waist belt and chest clip to keep it all secure.  Everything was great except the mouthpiece on the Water tube.  I couldn't get a drop out of it without blowing my brains out.  So I grabbed my camelback bladder and stuck it in.

Finally-out to the barn/trailer.  Grabbed Nevel's halter and walked down to the pasture.  He came galloping up when I called....hhhmmmm wonder if he would do that if I got dumped out in the woods?

It took me forever to saddle up-This was 1230 and I couldn't get my body to move!  Besides, S and I had to discuss the RAT issue at the barn...its like the RATS are some kind of monster animal...dragging off carrots and apples and small CATS!  ok...not cats...but....I've heard that the head count is now at 20 and still more.

Nevel was his usual ornery self when I tried to mount from the mounting block.  But when I do get on him he manages to stand stock still!

Off we went to the staging area-then hung a left.  I  need some new scenery and less rocks.

The scenery was a tad different.  Definitely less rocks-but Nevel is pretty certain that Mossy one is gonna eat him!
The trail was damp from recent rains and a good breeze kept us cool in the shade.
Next-The little bridge.  I don't think I have ridden this way in at least 2 years.

Nevel trotted right on across and didn't give it a second thought.  GOOD BOY!

Long Bar and then Horseshoe Bar
 From the ground looking up?  No I did not fall off!  But my saddle kept slipping sideways on the downhill, so I got off at Horseshoe bar to snug it up...only it just kept slipping sideways on Nev's sweaty back. Also the stirrups felt a little short and my right hip was starting to hurt, so I lengthened the stirrups to their last hole...GRRRR.  Maybe I should use a thinner pad.
 I tried to Mount, but Nev would have none of it and kept turning his head into me and swinging his butt out.  I get it Nev...I really do...It isn't comfortable with me trying to mount and the saddle just kept slipping.  Plus he was most certain that we should go home via Horse Shoe Bar Road instead of the woodsy trail.  So I backed him, and marched him around in tight circles until he decided he would mostly stand still for me to get on.  As soon as I was on he was ready to go and picked up the pace for home.

Nev says, "Think I will have a drink of the Lake."
 It looks close, but oh so far away!And my water pack somehow leaked and soaked my back and pants.  But it was still worth having it,  So much easier than water bottles!  
 We did some trotting today and finally got a canter for half a mile on the way home.
He has such a lovely canter, I could ride it all day...if only...Awesome 70 degrees and a 5 mile ride.

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Lovely scenery!!