Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Checking out the Arena


I had a nice ride this evening
walked, trot, and cantered
But unfortunately my friend DIDNT when she rode.
I turned away for one moment and next thing I knew....
Buck buck buck and she was on the ground
: (
Not a good way to end the day.
Sam the owner came out-I didn't realize that my friend had not turned in her paper-work to him, but she had it in the car and she went with him to the barn to get the liability form filled out.
I hooked up the two lunge lines on Nevel and drove him around some and had him "gee" "haw" and "woah"
Then I lunged him in big circles in both directions, found my reins that had been hung on the rail. By then my friend had returned to the arena...looking a bit sore...
I knew Nevel was tired.  I really probably pushed him over his limit-but he had still seemed relaxed after I had ridden him.
Why had he bucked?
Other reasons could have been that the back girth had become loose and slid back some, but it was attached to the front girth.  It just doesn't really fit him right. I will need to punch holes in the one that goes with the saddle so it will fit his little body.
I had to get back on...hhhmmmm  hhhmmmm
Ok, so back on I went and had him walk along.  He wasn't as willing as he had been earlier and when I  had him trot he put his head down, but I got it back up and slowed to a walk more BUCKING!  I then trotted him a little again and then turned him in to the center.  
The horses in the field near the arena were galloping all around-they could have been the reason for his antics TOO
Regardless, we did end on a good note with me driving/lunging/riding him again, so hopefully the next time around he will behave.
My friend seems to think that he wanted me,
 because she said when I walked away he turned to follow me. 
 I am not sure he is really that bonded to me yet.  I have only seen him twice in a month...but when I did go to see him before buying, I felt like he and I connected.
So here we go again!
He is young and inexperienced
Hopefully we won't have anymore drastic bumpy rides!


Shana said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the bucking. I am glad you worked him afterwards Kim. Keep training.

Bird said...

They do have their moments! And he is a young fellow, to be sure.

He looks GREAT in that color!!