Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Now the Horse

Getting checked out by Dr. Morgan at Loomis Basin Equine
Nevel needed a "re-breather" plastic bag
 to get him to breathe deep enough 
for Dr. Morgan to hear his Respirs 

 Getting ready for some lunging

 Flying around at the trot-too hot to canter

 Getting ready for the Flexion Test

 Naaaahhhh....101 is just too hot to run!
 Standing nicely for the flexion test!  Very good boy Mr Nevel!
 Settled in at Lakeside-Hay and carrot snacko
 What a sweet cute boy...Love him already!

Basic evaluation was great.  He had a temp of 101 when he got off of the trailer, but he had been riding for 3 hours, plus it was 101 in the Sun!
Heart rate was 40
Respirs 12
Weight- About 700lbs.  so he is underweight, which I knew when I bought him...I expect him to put on some weight pretty quickly since he won't have much competition for food at Lakeside.
So the verdict is:  He looks great, needs to put on weight and I need to lose some weight!

Also, the "worm" exam will be in by the end of the week.

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Bird said...

Nevel is SO CUTE! I love Haflingers. I missed replying to your comment asking about adding weight to my Joey from earlier in the month until just now, so I'll just copy and paste my rambling reply on my blog here for you to see easier!

"Joey gets grass hay twice a day, but the trick up my sleeve is sloppy beet pulp mashes. He got 2 beet pulp mashes a day for the first couple months he was here and it had great results. I also ad Elk Grove Milling Forage/Rice Bran pellets but I've added weight successfully to horses with just beet pulp before I found EGM. He is now on one mash a day as he started getting quite plump!

I use the beet pulp *shreds* (it does come pelleted but I've never used it in that form) and wet and soak them liberally (soak for 10-30 minutes as your preference just DON'T feed it dry), sometimes my horses almost *drink* the mash and it's a great hydration boost as well. Don't know if you've used it but beet pulp is generally quite cheap, and is safe to feed liberally for weight gain, as it's beneficial fibers rather than lots of sugar or fillers like you find in grains."

Going to catch up on your blog now, I don't think I've seen it before (or in a while?) :)