Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trying to get inspired....isn't hard...

When I read Sinwaan's blog.  I hope that one day Shana and I will ride together again...hey, maybe next never knows.

Falcon's revamp is costing me an arm and a leg (but maybe that is better than MY head and ribs as has been the case previously)  I tell my friend who hasnt ridden in 20 years that he can ride Falcon...but that really didn't go over so well, so hopefully I can get him on Nevel in a few months.

Hope to see Holly Singleton and her Haflingers at the Driving Darby in Sacramento at the Horse Expo tomorrow.  I haven't ever gone to the Expo as I tend to not like large crowds of people...but I do want to see Holly drive and I want to look at horse trailers.

Speaking of Holly, she will be bringing Nevel down on Tuesday.  I can't wait to see that little "whipper-snapper"  and to start riding again.  He is 3, so technically I could do a 25 miler on him next year, but we will see.  I don't want to push him.  We will start out slow and easy.

In preparation I soaped up my River Plantation saddle and have it nice and clean...but honestly, it still sports some mud from the Fort Valley, Va ride that I did in 2008 when it rained for 5 hours straight and we were forging creeks up to Falcon's belly.  Ah, it is ok to carry good memories that inspire one to go on.

I am hoping that the Teal Biothane bridle and breastplate that I had for Red (the Missouri Fox Trotter) will fit little Nevel.  No doubt it WILL fit next year when he fills out, anyway, if it doesn't, I am sure I can figure out something from my pieces and parts from other bridles.  I am also looking forward to receiving a Skito pad this next week that has a teal colored pattern in it.  Until then I will use Falcon's royal blue Skito.  The Skito's are expensive (but I figured Nevel deserved ONE new item since everything else will be hand-me downs), but I highly recommend them and they are easy to wash once the inner pads are removed.

So kids...the adventures are soon to begin!

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Bird said...

Oh, Nevel came from Holly! I have talked to her a few times in the past, if I didn't have a barn full of Arabs I would love one of her Haflingers :)