Thursday, June 21, 2012


That little Nevel Nuts has some "buck-a-roo" in him.  Hmmmm...totally unexpected for sure.  I still think it has something to do with the saddle, but I havent really worked him into a good sweat to see what kind of sweat marks he has.

I removed the rear cinch that did not fit properly and then put him in the round pen without a Bridle.  He was a little silly in the barn tonight due to wind, cooler weather, and more horses.  He was fairly relaxed in the round pen and moved out when asked, but as soon as he went in to a trot or a canter...head down and butt up...I hollered at him and he settled in, but would buck each time I asked him to canter.

I worked him until he settled in going to the left, then turned him back to the right and buck buck buck. So work work work for him...He finally settled in with the turns and gave up on the bucking part.  Looks like I have something to figure out with the saddle.  My Tucker Cheyenne is out for repair and won't be back until August.

It just feels like I am not supposed to ever ride is always SOMETHING!


Bird said...

Is the saddle obviously not fitting? (pinching at the withers, sitting unbalanced, etc)? Interesting about the bucking..

falconfeathers said...

actually he has now bucked in the round pen without a saddle or I believe it is some youngster orneriness, and testing me. The other day though he only gave one or two bucks when changing gates going to the right and none going to the left. I haven't gotten back on him yet though. Not sure I could ride out the buck.

falconfeathers said...

uh, that was "gaits" not gates! : )

Shana said...

Oh Kimmie keep at it. I hope he can work out well for you. Sounds like orneriness indeed if he is bucking w/o the saddle.