Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easy Day

Nevel had the privilege of an "easy day" today.  I am suffering from a head and chest cold for one thing, and his overly charged day yesterday made me realize that the poor youngin' just needed a break.

I went for a visit and treated him to some carrots before grooming him in the barn.  Then we took a walk around some of the buildings and checked out a dirt pile-which he tried to eat.  The big mounting platform that they use for "special" children proved to be a little "spooky" for him so we walked around it and I made him stand beside it.

After that we called it a day and returned to his paddock for some grass/alfalfa hay and a small bowl of grain.  He preferred the alfalfa over the grain.

After returning home, my "S.O." texted and asked if he would meet Nevel tonight.  Feeling cruddy, I asked him to drive and we got there around 8:40 pm.  I called Nevel and he peeked around the side of his shelter then met me at the gate.  It took him one second to find the carrots.  We hung out and petted him til closing-9pm.  

Tomorrow?  what will tomorrow bring?

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