Friday, September 14, 2012

Going Barefoot.

Barefoot?   But summer is over isn't it?  Almost over anyway.  I had already decided that Nevel...would go barefoot. His breeder keeps her haflingers that way and proved to me that it can be done after showing me one of her haflingers that had just completed a 25 mile endurance ride.

But now Falcon.  I have always had shoes on him when I rode him...pads were always added for the LD 's.  then he was barefoot for 4 years...but wasn't ridden at all.  No issues that I know of.
Then shod for he has had numerous issues and STILL gets sore with shoes and pads!

I am convinced I need to try the barefoot route and have found someone to work with Falcon.  Boots will be needed for the transition period...which may take awhile.

So, in a couple of weeks, Falcon will be moving away from the doubt his twitter -pated self will have to get used to me riding him again. We will be starting all over, taking it slow and easy, barefooted...regardless of the weather :)

Tomorrow I finally will go visit the place I hope to stable him at...updates later...

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