Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Mr. Nevel Nuts has not had his feet trimmed since he arrived a few months back so it was definitely time for a "pedicure!"

I want to keep him barefoot and found someone who only does barefoot-no shoeing.

The guy was great with Nevel even though Nevel was a little impatient at times.
and managed to get them shaped up pretty well although it is hard to tell with Nevel pointing
 his left fore outward
 Nevel was NOT impressed with having his back feet worked on and got a little light on his fronts.  He even managed to stand on one front and the opposite hind at one point...thus the whirry blurred picture!
But all ended well
Especially when Mr Trimmer scratched Nevel's rump with his rasp.
His eyes drooped and his bottom lip quivered....
"ooooh....hope this guy returns soon...I like the rasp scratching!
So back to the paddock and stick my head in the hay bin....
Having a pedicure isn't so bad afterall!
(or is it NEIGH-EEEE-aYe?)

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