Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maybe there is Hope?

Today was moving day.  I was supposed to meet with the trainer at 10, but she called me at 9 and canceled.  I sort of wasn't surprised really but I told her that we were coming to get Falcon at 11 anyway.  She said a few choice words, not at me I don't think...she just said them, then said OK...
I paid her for the last Farrier visit and then T arrived to pick up Falcon.  J couldnt find Falcon's halter and lead and so I ended up with a very pretty Teal halter and matching rope that looked basically new.
Falcon loaded fairly well after some snuffing at the sawdust in the trailer.  Then we went to pick up Nevel.
Nevel walked right on to the trailer!  What a good boy.  Within 30 min of pick-up we had the horses unloaded and in to the pasture.  I was nervous because I didn't know how everyone was going to behave.  Nevel kept pulling on me as I walked him around.  I don't know where my nervousness has been coming from.  Guess I have been away from the big beasts for too long or something but my hands were shaking like a leaf.  Don't know how I even got the pictures!
Nevel and Falcon met the gelding and mare pretty quietly. Then trotted 
off to nibble on GRASS....oh YAYYYYY NEIGHHH GRASS!
Falcon said "WHOAH< AM I BACK IN VIRGINIA????"
Then they both went racing through the sprinklers.

Nevel took off across the creek trying to keep up with Falcon
Seems they had basically bonded in the 5 min. they were on the trailer together
but later they did go nose to nose and had a dash of squealing and front hoof striking.
Tana the mare says "I'm not so sure about this, now what have you done...
put some silly youngster and some silly spotted horse in here to hog my hay???"
Falcon took a dip in the creek.  Laid right down and rolled in it...
not once, but about 4 or 5 times.  He was a very happy boy.
No doubt he will go wading in the pond next!

Mr mud boy Falcon
T showed me around the place again and I signed the release papers.
Everything felt JUST RIGHT for the first time in a long time.

On the way home I stopped at the local garden center on the corner...
Pick a Peck of Pickled Pumpkins?
It seems too hot to be decorating for Fall!
So Falcon's feet need some major work done on them.  Will need to ponder what to do next, but for now the boys are happy in a more normal horsey environment...or maybe it is just me happier to see them on green grass once again.

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irish horse said...

Muddy Falcon looks pretty happy! And Nevel too. I think once they settle in you'll see an improvement, especially in Falcon. Being able to move around whenever you want for an uptight horse is the perfect situation.