Tuesday, September 18, 2012

M Busted

Too late to weep out my story tonight so I will just post a few pics of Mr Nevel.

We had a nice "walk-a-bout" the ranch day and he walked right across this "bridge" without complaints.
But then the Monster Water Cart gave him quiet a I don't have a photo of that since I preferred hanging on to him rather than snapping a photo!

Another Halloweenie Scary Fright...
This one deserved a STINK eye from Nevel!
But "nuthin'" that a patch of GREEN grass won't cure
Following this the Round Pen was FINALLY free of use.
I turned him loose and despite my making him stand for a petting he still lept up in the air with a small rear and than a couple of good bucks before settling in!  Ugh, I hate small paddock life for horses, 
but just two more weeks and Nevel will have a nice sloshy pasture to mosey around in all day!

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