Friday, November 2, 2012

Crazy dog- HELP!

I do not know what to do with this german shepherd that lives with me.
 She runs the fence-line barking and trying to eat the neighbors dogs. She has indeed been accused of biting the neighbors dog when he stuck his nose through the fence.
 I put a collar on her to prevent that and she does better but as soon as I take it off she is back to rushing the fence line.
 (she also turns rabid looking if I walk her in the neighborhood)
 I put up an electric wire to keep her off the fence and now she is afraid to go outside.  When in the house she whines incessantly and tries to eat the cats.

 The Labra-doodle is calm cool and collected...lounges around watching her most of the time.

So this is my list of critters:

1 Nervous Horse
1 Calm horse

1 Nervous Dog
1 Calm Dog

1 Nervous Cat
1 Calm Cat

There seems to be a pattern here....what will my four chickens be like when they arrive?

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