Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Tale of Two Chicknz

Today was the day 
We drove to Apple Hill to pick up my chickens
The Pullets happily pecked around in their new pen.

I had ordered up a Black Australorp and an Araucana 
but the guy said one of the "kids" sold them by mistake
Oh, well, so I brought home 3 chickens instead of 4;
 one of which has turned out to be
a NAUGHTY Barred Rock
This is QUILL
When Evening Came-MG looked out and said:
"Oh the chicks have gone to roost-none are in the pen"
I decided to go out and check on them and close the door to their tiny coop.
The only Chik I could find was MUFF!
Muff was snuggled in the shavings in the coop rather than using the roost.
Muff is a Salmon Favorolle.
I called to MG and we obtained flashlights and looked high and low for Quill and Feathrz.
Suddenly I heard a low coo and discovered Quill sitting on the wobbly fence 
under the Pomegranate Tree.
We continued our search-poor MG was subjected to dog doo on his shoe as a result.
We shone our lights in the trees-but no Feathrz to be found.
I feared the worst-that she had flown up and over in to the neighbors yard 
and had become dog food.
Finally I decided to give up and felt that maybe she would appear at first light.
MG suddenly said "HERE SHE IS"
I thought he was joking.  He was standing by the garage
But sure enough, there was Feathrz, snuggled down in the Apple Box by the garage door.
Feathrz is a Blue Laced Wyandotte.
I suppose that they will not have any freedom in their "yard" until I can get some netting to put over it.
That will protect them from the hawk family too!

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