Friday, November 23, 2012

The Vet called the other day...

...because I still owed him a small amount of money.  This is a vet I have never met-he had treated Falcon when Falcon was over at the other trainers.
I told him that I had wanted to be there when he came to check out Falcon, but the trainer did not tell me that he was coming, let alone that Falcon needed to be seen.

Anyway, he had done X-rays and given Falcon some injections for non-involved joint ringbone.  At the time Falcon had a grade 3 lameness.

When I was informed of this, I immediately demanded that he be "layed up" until not lame-which lasted several months.   Returned to training he was off and on lame.

Long story...anyway, I told the vet that the trainer had told me that Falcon must have foundered when I saw that he had bar shoes on and that the X-rays had indicated that...blah blah blah.

The Vet said he didn't remember, so he hung up then called me back about 20 min. later and said it was preposterous that the trainer would have said that because Falcon's x-rays did not show any such a thing.  He gave me his home address so that I can go over and see the x-rays myself.  Then he went in to this tirade about Endurance Horses and how people should not be riding horses over ROCKS, or jumping them or cutting, or doing dressage because horses are PLAINS animals.

(I have already switched to the Loomis Basin Vets and am happy with them)

Alrighty then!

Regardless-Falcons feet have now received 3 trims and and need a couple more to shorten the toes in the front-BUT guess what-with the last trim he was NO LONGER Lame!  CASE CLOSED!

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