Sunday, November 25, 2012

more steps

Next I took him to the arena.
Mike exposed him to a big bouncy ball and a tarp.

Falcon did pretty well, Mike says he might bring out some flares next week.
Mike had me put weight in the stirrup and next I put my knee up on his backside.
No weight fully in the saddle for me yet.  We only had a lead rope on Falcon, no bridle.
After that we tried my plantation saddle on Falcon.  TOO NARROW
It is so comfy (for me) but it won't fit Nevel either
So it is for sale.  : (
It is a Tucker Plantation.


Traci Boyajian said...

He looks like he is doing well!! Its great to see you making progress with your boy :)

falconfeathers said...

Thank you, I thought both of us were a lost cause-but with the right trainer and right place for boarding everything seems to be changing for the better! : )