Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Adventure

Today-even though it looked like it would dump buckets of rain on me-I decided to go see my "ponies" since I hadn't seen them since last Sunday.  They have very little shelter in their pasture-but I had no doubt that they fared well.  Falcon always used to stand out in the sleet when we lived in VA and both he and Nevel are getting nice and furry.
All of the horses were on the other side of the pasture and although both Nevel and Falcon lifted their heads up high to see me when I called them, they did not come.  I walked all the way to the creek, but it had a wide swath of deep muck that I didn't want to cross...not even in my muck boots.  Nevel came to me then-finding the most shallow area. Here he is sporting nice thick muck on his feet.
His fur was all "whirly-gigged" from the bad weather!
He appreciated his brushing

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