Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Fabulous St Patricks Day

Well-I was by myself
But sometimes that is ok
I round penned Falcon then plunked the new saddle on him.  It took several adjustments and he gave a couple of tiny half bucks when I sent him around in a circle-so we adjusted it some more.

I was determined that this saddle was going to fit both of us!!!!~!
Then I put him in the arena and let him go-He went racing all around 
like the bear was after him.
Silly Boy!
Then I lunged him after another adjustment to the rigging, by this time the leather was becoming more supple and easier to tighten.
Then I mounted up and he stood stock still.
We did some tight turns going both ways and he seemed ok.
I can't stand the hot arena-so we headed off for the woods.
A few flowers were out-but not many-maybe it has been too dry.
 Interesting and fun-I have no clue what the below plant even is!

Initially he did not want to go anywhere, but we eventually got moving with some walk, trot, canter and pretty decent slow downs and whoa's!  
We were out in the woods for about an hour.
I forgot to take pics while he was still all tacked up so here is his dirty self with the breast collar and bit hanging off the saddle.
 This saddle has such a soft comfy seat! yayyy for me!
But it is squeaky and needs to be broken in.
He had perfect sweat marks-no dry spots!
Yayyy for him!


Christine said...

Sounds a great day! Love the plant pics :)

SunnySD said...

So exciting :) Beautiful flower pics, and Falcon, too!