Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Endurance is: just getting through a day...

But at least I can say I accomplished something.
Now re-certified ACLS-but that doesn't mean my horsey friends can go having heart attacks and what-not!
Spoke to Mike-we can't ever seem to coordinate schedules-mainly due to my crazy one.
I updated him on Falcon's Barn Sour attitude on Sunday and he offered to take him out for a spin when he finished with Nevel for the day...haven't heard the results yet from that.

Nope just spent a beautiful sunny day in a class room.

But on the bright side I always have the "girls"(Muff & Quill) to come home to and the garden is bursting forth with fruitful blossoms:
"A tall drink of clear cool water..
 ...wait!  is that the HAWWWWK we hear?"
" bbrrrrrrrr....nooooooo"
 "Hellow?  Hellooowww?  Is that YOU in there?"
 Dandelion greens (weeds)
 and White Peach
The Orange tree is bursting forth too...
Cant wait to inhale that wonderful perfume!

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Christine said...

Love the look of all those blossoms and friit!