Monday, March 11, 2013

Thanks ALOT NEVEL!!!!

Out and about for the usual "grass walk"
Nevel likes to walk up under the hanging vines
and eat the grass there.

Tonight he was totally engrossed in his grass
I looked up the lane and saw a lady in purple walking briskly
toward us.
Major was coming down the lane too  with his mom in tow : )

When the lady was about 15 feet away, Nevel decided to spook.
He shot out of those vines like a bullet.
The lead rope went flying out of my hand so fast
Spiraling as it went and SKINNED me...
Skinned the underside of my middle finger and the top side of my thumb. But some how
I kept hold of it and was glad for the knot I have on the end of it...
jerked that rascal to a stop as he dashed around the outside corner of the arena.

Now my fingers are all bubbly, swollen-ouchey!  and it is my left hand!  I am left handed (mostly)
Guess I will be right handed with my "mouse" tomorrow at work.

Falcon was behaved during his walk, had a nice gallop in the arena and was only slightly spooky with the tarp being thrown at him.

These knucklehead 1000lb pasture pets of mine need to learn to take care of me:
She who WORKS to feed THEM!


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