Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perfect Riding Weather

And I am sick-Blah-sick-Blah-Sick

Maybe I will be able to gather my strength by next weekend.  My AMTS saddle is supposed to be here on Thursday.

Guess I will do some ground work with Falcon a few days this week in anticipation of riding again.
Last weekend that darn Big Horn endurance saddle was SO uncomfortable.

I shortened the stirrups,
(Falcon took a pic of the grass)

I lengthened them,
Falcon got closer to the grass...

I kept stopping to reposition them on my feet.
(Falcon took a pic of me while rubbing his head on me)

I have decided that the saddle seat is too small for me and does not allow me to sit properly in the saddle.

My thighs hurt so bad at the end-but maybe some of that was the "sickness" coming on.

 Falcon was a good boy mostly, almost to the lake and back for an hour long ride, mostly walk with a little trot and canter up the hill.

He had two MAJOR spooks after I got off of him, once he got stuck on a branch and he went up in the air trying to get away from it.  The other was a guy coming out of a house and slamming the door...

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