Sunday, March 24, 2013

BAD bad BAD BAD horse! (Planting Time)

Dad, me, sister, brother back in NEW JERSEY (1964)

The bleu skye held the promise of another lovely day to ride.
One thing was for certain, I was over-dressed and had to quickly shed my coat.

I saddled up Falcon after a short lunge and a snack, then lunged him a few times again after saddling since I had added the saddle pack first on the front-which flopped around and didn't fit my ATMS very well.  Then I grabbed another and put it on the back and ditched the front one.

I tried to walk Falcon away from the barn-he stalled-planted his feet.
We moved out of the gate-only for me to remember I had forgotten my gloves, so back we went.
Then he planted his feet again.
(It is SPRING after all)

We made it 5 steps out of the gate
Feet plant

1 step
Feet plant
(SPRING planting NOT FEET planting!)

Then a neighbor came out with his horses and shoed Falcon along for about 10 steps.

Feet plant-REALLY?  this is getting old.  It literally took me 20 min to make it 1/4 of a mile.
At the parking area, I mounted, only to have him PLANT again, then start backing.


Swish swish-small lunging circle  PLANT FEET
This time he followed me across the creek with a HUGE leap.  I labored up the small hill-already tired from the battle...also thankful that I had frozen gatorade with me.

On again-backing, balking, feet planting-BAD barn sour attitude.  Where did THAT come from?
Finally I gave him a big kick and he started walking nicely...trotting, a little canter, then
Ok, I know this is growing old.  But it continued for 45 min.  Finally when he was going good for 5, I turned him around and headed back towards home, where of course he was very well behaved.
Yes I need exercise-but not THAT kind!  not a very nice ride and plans to make it to the lake were thwarted.  BLAH.

Yes it is planting time-I came home and planted some lettuce, spinach, onions, peas and potatoes in my shaded garden boxes.  ENOUGH PLANTING for NOW!

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