Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Helloooooo I am back...

Wow! It has been a long time since I have blogged. Ok, well, Long Story Short!

My friend Karen and I went for a ride in April. A lovely warm day. Falcon was fairly well behaved.

we had a nice canter up a short hill and did a lot of walking and trotting since it was our first day out in a few months.

I was just recovering from a stomach bug too and was fairly weak. We were just about a half mile from Karen's house when a small red truck came blowing up the gravel road.

He slowed down and stopped while Karen passed. Falcon and I were farther behind, the fella inched towards us and waved me to pass. As I came up even with his truck he stepped on the gas....spun out and sprayed stinging gravel on me and falcon.

Falcon went straight up the steep embankment to my right and I turned him back I thought to myself...yippee, I stayed on! BUT my hip was out of wack so I kicked my foot from the stirrup. Falcon was still slipping on the slick gravel road. He dipped and splayed out and I flew over his right shoulder.

My foot was stuck in the stirrup and I remember reaching up with my hand to loosen it and seeing Falcons belly and legs and I hadnt even hit the ground yet!

WHAM I went. Falcon went straight up in the air and took off bucking like a bronch up the road.

Karen didnt seem to know what to me or get the horse. I was stunned, breathless, I told Karen to leave Falcon, that he would come back.

Sure enough....galloping back he came when I called him. He wouldnt have if there had been other horses to follow.

I climbed back on, but man did my right side hurt. I got off, I got on, I got off. I couldnt decide which was more painful, riding or walking. That was the longest half mile I have EVER walked.

I didnt go to the E.R. until the next day. My whole back/right side was ripped up and bruised and my right knee was as big as a grapefruit.

X-rays did not show any breaks so they gave me vicoden and two weeks off from work.

two weeks later the pain was worse then ever. So I took another week off. The Ortho surgeon pushed on my ribs and said....ohhhh you have broken ribs no doubt...non displaced ones don't show up on first takes 2-3 weeks.

8 weeks later, I still have some aches and pains, but all is improving....BUT NOW....OHHHHHH dearrrrrrrrrr.....Falcon must have gotten got in some downed trees or something and has ripped up his back leg.

Bad time of year with all of the flies....I am hosing his leg everyday, betadine, flyspray and antibiotics....OHHHHHH BOTHER....and I move to CA in two weeks. Now he can't be ridden by the lady who was going to keep him conditioned for me.

Falcon will have to go back to training if he ever gets better...he has had wayyyyyyy too much time off from school!