Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Narrow Twist

Do Haflingers come in a "Narrow Twist" version?

Probably not!  : P


I have been quite LAX on the blogging front.
Mainly because I haven't spent much time with dear cute Nevel.
This weekend was hot, dusty, smokey.  Nevel greeted me eagerly and we spent an hour together while he nibbled on snacks and I brushed his mane and tail.
STRESSFUL WORK environment...TRAVEL...PACKING...The summer is slipping in to August!!!!
Last weekend we went to Half Moon Bay...No, Nevel didn't get to go!  : (

 Half Moon Bay Strutter : )

Gloom at Half Moon
 A bright spot in the gray along the bay

 This is WEIRD!
 Sunset at Half Moon
 The next day...bluer skies and an accidental picture.
Daisies at Maverick Beach
The Trail to Maverick Point
Lunch at Sams Chowder House!  You must go!

 Take me to the Sea
Feel the salty Breeze
San Francisco looms large
The Sky greets us after church at Bayside in Granite Bay
Perfect Ending to a perfect weekend