Saturday, June 19, 2021

Nope- No riding Today

 Too hot!

And Mum says I'm supposed to wear this?  (I shredded up my  other one)

Nayyyyyyy!  Not a Fly Mask too?!!!

Ok, maybe this color looks okay on me-yeh, I’m handsome!

For now -Let me eat Grass.  I’ll have these duds off the second you leave! 🤣

Monday, February 22, 2021


 This horse is exasperating at times!

A .5 mile stroll down the lane to the gate that opens near Browns ravine trail

Munch some luscious green grass on the way.

Freak out at a crazy hollering mad cow that is galloping across a field screaming for

Her calf-who by the way is ignoring her and playing with another calf.

Refuse to stand for mounting and charge around me-multiple times, lunged in circles,

Charges around and freaks out at a man in the cow pasture-

Ok, I’m exhausted and have walked another .6 miles, mostly in circles.

Finally stands nicely for mounting then has a lovely excursion on Monte Vista trails, Salmon Creek and Browns Ravine for 6 miles. 😳🙄

South Fork American River

One of few places where I didn’t see people!  Everyone and there brother seemed to be out hiking and exploring the hidden bridge area.

So Beautiful today though!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Spring Break

 Not really,

But it felt like Spring!  60 degrees.

2020 sure was a bust and the worst part was my daddy passing away  in NC on Christmas Day!  😕

This past Saturday I made several attempts to fly to Seattle To see family but was thwarted by a massive winter storm and repeated flight Cancelations.

So instead, on Sunday I took myself to Fallen Leaf Lake and did 5 miles of snowshoeing.  It was a most gloomy day to match my continued depressed mood.

This guy cleared his picnic table and was quite happy about it.

West Shore@ Lake Tahoe

Picnic Table at Fallen Leaf Lake

 I decided to play hooky from work today to catch some Vit. D.
Maybe like spring break!
Besides I was supposed to be in WA anyway.

Horseplay today  the trails mostly dry but very slippery 
In a few downhill spots

Dennis the Menace 😆