Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy December!

Crazy ponies  are running around my Christmas tree!
I made them years ago-before the "bad times" and they haven't been out of the box that my friend Betsy packed up for me 4 years ago in Virginia.  It was good to let those "ponies" run free again...
Even if they are a bit mussed up-But after-all-that is what life doles out-a bit of "mussing" and somehow we keep on cantering!  : P

Fall is Suddenly Gone

Just a few days ago
 Luscious Orange Claimed the Throne
 Then the Sun went to down
And woke up on the wrong side of the bed!
"Red in the morning
Sailors take warning"
That sure was an understatement!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Promise-Under the Rainbow

Nevel has the Promise
Yes he does!
The Day I purchased him I saw an amazing rainbow on my drive home from Redding.
Today T (owner of the place Nevel is boarded at) took the following pictures and shared them with me.

THANK YOU and THANK YOU once again to K (Irish Horse) & Major for introducing me to this place!
Thank you also to T-the owner of this wonderful little "peace" of paradise`

The Deluge

A light pitter patter
Gently falling on my head,

Then a rush of wind
Chases red and gold
Blowing leaves from every limb

Droplets of rain come
In speedy flight
Deluging the earth
From morning til night.

Three more days
The weathermen say????

My poor ponies
Doth need an ark !!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick Sale

Wow, my saddle sold in one day on ebay!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

more steps

Next I took him to the arena.
Mike exposed him to a big bouncy ball and a tarp.

Falcon did pretty well, Mike says he might bring out some flares next week.
Mike had me put weight in the stirrup and next I put my knee up on his backside.
No weight fully in the saddle for me yet.  We only had a lead rope on Falcon, no bridle.
After that we tried my plantation saddle on Falcon.  TOO NARROW
It is so comfy (for me) but it won't fit Nevel either
So it is for sale.  : (
It is a Tucker Plantation.

Small Steps

It was rather nippy this a.m.
Mike came over and explained some of his training to me.  I have never had a trainer allow "outside" turns.  Mike says that he teaches both and it does make sense.
Falcon did pretty well, but not perfect.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Another Fabulous Day

A few hours of work, then off to the FIELD!  : )

Who goes there???
My Pet Giraffe?
 Balancing horse?
 "Carrots you say???  How about some of those apple flavored treats?"

 "I am almost certain that I saw that rock move!!!"
 Nevel doesn't care where his treats come from!  ; )

I spent my Happy Thanksgiving... the Coast!  Fabulous/Glorious Weather!

The Vet called the other day...

...because I still owed him a small amount of money.  This is a vet I have never met-he had treated Falcon when Falcon was over at the other trainers.
I told him that I had wanted to be there when he came to check out Falcon, but the trainer did not tell me that he was coming, let alone that Falcon needed to be seen.

Anyway, he had done X-rays and given Falcon some injections for non-involved joint ringbone.  At the time Falcon had a grade 3 lameness.

When I was informed of this, I immediately demanded that he be "layed up" until not lame-which lasted several months.   Returned to training he was off and on lame.

Long story...anyway, I told the vet that the trainer had told me that Falcon must have foundered when I saw that he had bar shoes on and that the X-rays had indicated that...blah blah blah.

The Vet said he didn't remember, so he hung up then called me back about 20 min. later and said it was preposterous that the trainer would have said that because Falcon's x-rays did not show any such a thing.  He gave me his home address so that I can go over and see the x-rays myself.  Then he went in to this tirade about Endurance Horses and how people should not be riding horses over ROCKS, or jumping them or cutting, or doing dressage because horses are PLAINS animals.

(I have already switched to the Loomis Basin Vets and am happy with them)

Alrighty then!

Regardless-Falcons feet have now received 3 trims and and need a couple more to shorten the toes in the front-BUT guess what-with the last trim he was NO LONGER Lame!  CASE CLOSED!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Adventure

Today-even though it looked like it would dump buckets of rain on me-I decided to go see my "ponies" since I hadn't seen them since last Sunday.  They have very little shelter in their pasture-but I had no doubt that they fared well.  Falcon always used to stand out in the sleet when we lived in VA and both he and Nevel are getting nice and furry.
All of the horses were on the other side of the pasture and although both Nevel and Falcon lifted their heads up high to see me when I called them, they did not come.  I walked all the way to the creek, but it had a wide swath of deep muck that I didn't want to cross...not even in my muck boots.  Nevel came to me then-finding the most shallow area. Here he is sporting nice thick muck on his feet.
His fur was all "whirly-gigged" from the bad weather!
He appreciated his brushing

...after a snack

we headed down the lane
Nevel took care to read all of the signs...
He was pretty certain that we shouldn't walk down THAT road!
Ahhhh, but the grass was soooooo green!
After much blowing, he decided to check out the grass near the stump,
Then he discovered that MOST of those BIG mossy rocks had even MORE GREEN GRASS
Behind them!
On the way back we stopped at the barn.  Nevel had never been at the barn.
He was a little nervous there-but nothing a snack wouldn't help.
He even walked up onto the wash rack mats-but didnt want to stay long.
The resident barn cat was not exactly impressed with the NEVEL intrusion.
Afterwards, Falcon received the same treatment...
Food, brushing and a walk.
He was well behaved and read all of the signs.
Alas the sun set on us by the time we reached the end of the lane
Time to return home
Maybe next time we will make it out onto the "wilderness" trails

Rain drops keep fallin' on my head...

 I imagine I am in Ireland when I come to this place
Dark Grey Skies
 Off-set by vibrant color
In California, the rain comes in November
Springing Green amongst the yellow grass of summer
 Framed by the fiery colors of fall