Monday, October 29, 2012

It's hard to look cool (at work)...

...when your lunch box is full of carrots and apples!  : )


A visit with the "boys" this afternoon proved to be a success.  Both of them came expectantly to the fence when I drove into the lane.  Nevel is the baby of the family, but he shook his head and gave "stink" eye to Freeman when I came with the halter.

Nevel in true Haflinger style snarfed up his grain and looked for more while I brushed and combed him.  He stands quite well to have his feet picked out.

Falcon eats his food in a more purposeful fashion.  The success was that he allowed me to pick up ALL FOUR FEET!   YAYYYY!  I must say that he did some dancing when I went after his back feet, so I pretended to just pet his side, then his butt then slid my hand down to his foot.  He has a ways to go, but I was impressed since I did not have him tied at all, just had the lead rope draped over my arm loosely.

Mike will start some other desensitizing with him on Thurs. afternoon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am too uptight!

I could name a couple of reasons why...but maybe they are just better left unsaid.  Falcon and I probably aren't the best match at this point in my life.  I used to be very relaxed and that was better for his natural, I don't know what ails me...BUT I have decided to face "it" and see if anything improves.
Work was so busy today, but I managed to escape at 4:30 and headed to the pasture.   I put my window down and yelled, HELLOOOO NEVEL and UP popped Nevel's head, I said hello again and UP popped Falcon's head.  Both of them immediately crossed the creek and headed towards the gate.

Nevel arrived first so he he received his baggie of grain first while I groomed him and picked out his feet.  I took him for a short walk, gave him an apple then let him munch some grass along the road before putting him back in the pasture.

Falcon anxiously tried to get out of the gate without a halter, but we managed to survive that and after some big munches of grass, his grain and a short grooming, K and Major arrived.  Major looked quite spiffy and clean compared to Mr. muddy Falcon.  I was happy to meet K and I totally forgot to thank her!  So THANK YOU K. for telling me about this place where our horseys live!
(I don't think Falcon plans on saving any roadside grass for Major!)

After K and Major walked back up the road, T drove up and said hello.  She offered to trim up Falcon's feet for me if I wanted to walk him up to the barn.  His toes are still so long and he has much dead sole that needs to slough off.  He was very good with his left front, and ok with his right front.  T. showed me and taught me some stuff about his hoof.  Hopefully with the rain, the dead sole will come off so we can trim up his toes again.  Falcon also allowed her to pick up his back feet although he was not as good about it.
I need to start working with his back feet/legs more.  Of course he got lots of treats and T gave him a carrot to make sure they were still friends.
I am getting more relaxed around him again, but still need to work on that, so the more I handle him I know from the past, the better it will be.
Being around the horses always helps my brain empty of all of the stressful things from work.  In fact I had so many good endorphins charging around that I almost pulled into my driveway before I realized my car was almost on I had to zip back out to the corner to get some gas!

It's always good to end the day with the "ponies" on my mind.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wisps and Lashes

When my dear "pony"
Comes so close
Its only Wisps
And Lashes
Wisps and Lashes 
That I See
I Love when my "pony"
Comes so very close to me!  : )

Instead of doing my homework...

I'm reading "horsey" blogs!

phooey...I am almost 53- why am I back in school ANYWAY????

...Oh, right...JOB I can feed my pasture potatoes!  : )

Happy week everyone!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life is Endurance!

Life TAKES Endurance
Endurance IS Life

A Little Saucey

First some lovely apples
Picked fresh from a tree
Chopped and thrown
Into a pan
Even the seeds...
..."dontcha" see?
Cooked to mush
and ground on through
Oozing down 
Sweetened Goodness
No Sugar added
A Stainless bowl 
Mr. Mountain Goats Tummy
to fill
Just a couple of quarts
Keepin' it fresh 
Lovin' Fall

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day With the "Ponies"

Falcon first-but I didn't have my camera with me when I went for him.  He kindly plodded across the creek for me but I had already walked across the "bridge" and so had to return. 
It really has some warped see-saw qualities to it.
 At the end...I had it in my mind to just stride right across...but I  SLIPPED AGAIN!  sheesh...this time my foot went in a hole that had a huge thorny plant growing in it.  Falcon just stood there looking at me like I was crazy.
I took him up to the barn and put him in cross ties and brushed him, also picked out his front feet, but left the hinds alone today.  I am happy with no mishaps with the fronts.
After that he got a small pan of grain mixed with ZIMECTRIN WORMER...
Yep, snuck it right in there along with an apple for good measure.
He lapped it right up.  Then we walked the 2/10 of a mile back to the pasture.
I walked back to my truck and drove back to the pasture as I was still a little under the weather from my flue shot.
I called to Nevel and he started walking towards me.
"Is this good mom?"
"Wait, I HAVE to cross the creek?"
"Maybe I will just eat some grass"
"Ok, I will come, but only if you have a treat"
"Doesn't Falcon have to come too?"
"He thinks he can be all pretty munching grass by the "reflection" pool!"
"But look at me!  The heavenly light shines on ME!"
"Aren't I HANDSOME?"

Yep Nevel is just TOO cute and insisted on following me around the pasture.
He got a good 30-40 min of loving and also a small pan of feed with...
Yep....WORMER and an apple.
soon mr. nevel....very soon (like in a couple of months soon)...were gonna go for a RIDE!

Am I Close Enough Ma?


How About NOW?

Saturday, October 13, 2012


(calmer horses)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Called?

Chilly in the City! sure was chilly and cloudy when I walked out from work!  Initially one of the nurses had sent me out because they smelled smoke in one of the O.R.'s  YIKES!  Out I went and it WAS smokey outside, but no flames bursting forth from the building...Oh the treasures of work!  : )

The sky was very overcast, the wind was whipping the leaves off of the trees...and yes a smokey haze in the air.

I had the privilege of leaving work in time to go visit the "ponies" but alas, with the fall chill in the air I had no coat and only a measly t-shirt.
I didn't have time to go home and get  a coat AND make it out to see the boys before dark.  I ordered a thinner pair of waterproof gloves when I ordered my muckboots and hopefully they will arrive early next week.
Note to self-keep a coat, hat and gloves in the car for weather changes!  I might as well throw my headlamp in too since it seems I might not get to see the boys til after dark during the winter weekdays.
...except that I can see those horsies now if I started tromping around the pasture at night with a scary light bobbing on my head!
No doubt there would be snorts and spurts of galloping to be heard from the herd!

just some old memories of my 2nd LD

(must be a sign of old age-relieving old memories!  : )

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time for some boots!

;Muck BootsOk, twice "fallen off" the bridge is enough for me!  Time for some "MUCKS"
Actually I didn't fall off, only one foot did....cold GOOSH in my riding shoes...ick...I need some new ones anyway...but in the meantime...the "mucks" are in the mail!

The Colors That Keep Me Sane!

Our annual trip to the Bishop area provided us with fabulous weather
Fabulous Colors

Bright Eyed Deer
Ablaze with Yellows
Sugared with Orange
Candy Colors of Fall
First Morning Light on the Road to North Lake
Leaf in the Wire
North Lake
Color Quad
An Important Facility
(per my S.O.)
"Bleu & Gold"
Below photos by BP

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Grass is Greener...

...on the OTHER SIDE of the CREEK!

I escaped from work with a few specks of daylight left and so I headed out to the farm to see the "boys."
They were on the OTHER side of the creek (which seemed fuller than last week) at the far end of the pasture.  I decided to walk over to them but managed to "fall off" of the "bridge" which is a warped board.  : )  So my right foot was quite soggy squishy.
Both Falcon and Nevel's heads popped up (in comparison to the other horses that didnt give me the time of day) when I arrived.  Falcon knickered and I started petting him.  Nevel came over to get some lovin too....but then a bay horse walked with major determination towards us and Falcon tensed up.

I stepped away and none too soon as the bay rushed falcon and there was a bit of a ruckus as the bay tried to run them both off, then promptly walked away.  I returned to scratch and love on them for about 20 min.  Falcon picked up his feet nicely for me.
Falcon had his feet trimmed on Friday...I was out of town so I need to catch up with Mike to see how Falcon behaved.

The bay returned, so I opted to leave instead of being the victim of some unplanned horsey crime.

I love October, but these short days are "shorting" my time with the horsies.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down Memory Lane...2008

I know I have some close-up shots of Falcons feet from 2008-I know that was a LONG time ago and a LOT has happened since October 2008 and spring of 09...anyway, I thought I would repost this pics of  Falcon from our 2 LD's in Virginia.

This pic was taken about 10 miles or so?  in to the ride at the Virginia Highlands ride-our first LD.
We finished next to last.  BUT we finished!

The pic below is with my friend Karen riding my Missouri Fox trotter "RED" at our 2nd LD. This ride was the FORT VALLEY ride in Fort Valley, VA and is considered a very technical ride.  It is one of three Rides that the OLD DOMINION 100 puts on yearly.  It was her first ride.  Every year the Old Dominion raffles an arab=some of which have won the TEVIS. Asgard's Heraldic 
owned by John Crandell, Jr won bothe the OD 100 and the TEVIS as well as the Haggin Cup in 2006) 
 My friend Karen managed to win the raffle and now has her own endurance bred arab.
 As maybe you can tell it was quite cloudy and the spots on the pic are spots of rain at 7 a.m.  It poured rain for the whole ride, but it was so much fun.  Despite the mud we finished well in the middle of the pack.