Saturday, June 30, 2012


How am I EVER going to get riding again?  HOW?

Now I am plagued with a HORRID case of Poison Oak on the back of my thighs.  Burning and itching and driving me insane.
How I got it, I have no clue, although, my SO told me I was sitting in a patch of it at Bodega Bay last Sunday...STILL I was wearing JEANS!  obviously no protection agaynst the hateful unmerciful weed!

The short time I spent in happy quest of endurance rides when I lived in Virginia seems to be long times I do miss the farm-chickens, cows, horses...goats and sheep, but it WAS a lot of work, so I don't REALLY miss it, however. I DO miss riding down the trail and finding that often 10 miles was just NOT enough.

I've been told that stubbornness is a trait of maybe, just maybe I will be able to ride a trail again...someday...

Thursday, June 21, 2012


That little Nevel Nuts has some "buck-a-roo" in him.  Hmmmm...totally unexpected for sure.  I still think it has something to do with the saddle, but I havent really worked him into a good sweat to see what kind of sweat marks he has.

I removed the rear cinch that did not fit properly and then put him in the round pen without a Bridle.  He was a little silly in the barn tonight due to wind, cooler weather, and more horses.  He was fairly relaxed in the round pen and moved out when asked, but as soon as he went in to a trot or a canter...head down and butt up...I hollered at him and he settled in, but would buck each time I asked him to canter.

I worked him until he settled in going to the left, then turned him back to the right and buck buck buck. So work work work for him...He finally settled in with the turns and gave up on the bucking part.  Looks like I have something to figure out with the saddle.  My Tucker Cheyenne is out for repair and won't be back until August.

It just feels like I am not supposed to ever ride is always SOMETHING!

Friday, June 15, 2012


...but certainly not from the heat.
It is hotter than ever!
Missy was actually sharing hay with Nevel when I drove in.
Then when I walked over to the paddock, Nevel was slurping up water out of the little automatic waterer with no fear of the gurgling slurshing sound that it made to refill itself.

Nevel received a juicy carrot
A bowl of grain
Fly spray on his "Missy bites"
Another carrot

The weekend forecast is hotter than hot.

No major plans for riding.

Good luck to those riding in the Hat Creek Hustle ride...


Minimal work on 4/14
I got there just as the horses were being fed hay so I let Nevel eat for 20 min or so.

He had been moved from his "holding" paddock and was in with Missy the Aviator Horse.

She managed to take a bite out of his butt as we were trying to walk past her out of the paddock

Carrot for Nevel
lunged ok-but we really need to work in the round pen if we can get a turn in there.
He never was lunged much-the focus at TLF was driving him around.

Walked around the arena
Short trot
Figure 8's
It's TOO HOT!!!!
Sponge bath
Hay/grain and a carrot

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easy Day

Nevel had the privilege of an "easy day" today.  I am suffering from a head and chest cold for one thing, and his overly charged day yesterday made me realize that the poor youngin' just needed a break.

I went for a visit and treated him to some carrots before grooming him in the barn.  Then we took a walk around some of the buildings and checked out a dirt pile-which he tried to eat.  The big mounting platform that they use for "special" children proved to be a little "spooky" for him so we walked around it and I made him stand beside it.

After that we called it a day and returned to his paddock for some grass/alfalfa hay and a small bowl of grain.  He preferred the alfalfa over the grain.

After returning home, my "S.O." texted and asked if he would meet Nevel tonight.  Feeling cruddy, I asked him to drive and we got there around 8:40 pm.  I called Nevel and he peeked around the side of his shelter then met me at the gate.  It took him one second to find the carrots.  We hung out and petted him til closing-9pm.  

Tomorrow?  what will tomorrow bring?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Checking out the Arena


I had a nice ride this evening
walked, trot, and cantered
But unfortunately my friend DIDNT when she rode.
I turned away for one moment and next thing I knew....
Buck buck buck and she was on the ground
: (
Not a good way to end the day.
Sam the owner came out-I didn't realize that my friend had not turned in her paper-work to him, but she had it in the car and she went with him to the barn to get the liability form filled out.
I hooked up the two lunge lines on Nevel and drove him around some and had him "gee" "haw" and "woah"
Then I lunged him in big circles in both directions, found my reins that had been hung on the rail. By then my friend had returned to the arena...looking a bit sore...
I knew Nevel was tired.  I really probably pushed him over his limit-but he had still seemed relaxed after I had ridden him.
Why had he bucked?
Other reasons could have been that the back girth had become loose and slid back some, but it was attached to the front girth.  It just doesn't really fit him right. I will need to punch holes in the one that goes with the saddle so it will fit his little body.
I had to get back on...hhhmmmm  hhhmmmm
Ok, so back on I went and had him walk along.  He wasn't as willing as he had been earlier and when I  had him trot he put his head down, but I got it back up and slowed to a walk more BUCKING!  I then trotted him a little again and then turned him in to the center.  
The horses in the field near the arena were galloping all around-they could have been the reason for his antics TOO
Regardless, we did end on a good note with me driving/lunging/riding him again, so hopefully the next time around he will behave.
My friend seems to think that he wanted me,
 because she said when I walked away he turned to follow me. 
 I am not sure he is really that bonded to me yet.  I have only seen him twice in a month...but when I did go to see him before buying, I felt like he and I connected.
So here we go again!
He is young and inexperienced
Hopefully we won't have anymore drastic bumpy rides!

Now the Horse

Getting checked out by Dr. Morgan at Loomis Basin Equine
Nevel needed a "re-breather" plastic bag
 to get him to breathe deep enough 
for Dr. Morgan to hear his Respirs 

 Getting ready for some lunging

 Flying around at the trot-too hot to canter

 Getting ready for the Flexion Test

 Naaaahhhh....101 is just too hot to run!
 Standing nicely for the flexion test!  Very good boy Mr Nevel!
 Settled in at Lakeside-Hay and carrot snacko
 What a sweet cute boy...Love him already!

Basic evaluation was great.  He had a temp of 101 when he got off of the trailer, but he had been riding for 3 hours, plus it was 101 in the Sun!
Heart rate was 40
Respirs 12
Weight- About 700lbs.  so he is underweight, which I knew when I bought him...I expect him to put on some weight pretty quickly since he won't have much competition for food at Lakeside.
So the verdict is:  He looks great, needs to put on weight and I need to lose some weight!

Also, the "worm" exam will be in by the end of the week.

Heading to Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center...


Nevel should be arriving by NOON for his Vet exam, then on to Lakeside.

I've loaded up the car....

Saddle soaped and oiled

Teal Bio-thane Bridle/Halter and Breastplate

  Sponge and leash

Saddle pad

Extra girths

  Caddy with pics, brushes, curry, combs

  2 lunge lines to practice driving techniques

  Horse Snacks

Now all I need is a HORSE!   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A few faces from the Horse EXPO

ok, maybe a few sexy feet too
 Please don't step on me
Baby Face
 Can you believe this hair-doo they've rigged me up in???
 oops...can't see the faces down there
 I'm hot and tired...time for a nap
 5 week old Buster the clydesdale colt kicking up his heels and flying lead changes
 and all fours off the ground
 showing off his twists and turns
One of Holly's Haflingers, her pair one second place in the show.
 There's always got to be an odd one in the bunch!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trying to get inspired....isn't hard...

When I read Sinwaan's blog.  I hope that one day Shana and I will ride together again...hey, maybe next never knows.

Falcon's revamp is costing me an arm and a leg (but maybe that is better than MY head and ribs as has been the case previously)  I tell my friend who hasnt ridden in 20 years that he can ride Falcon...but that really didn't go over so well, so hopefully I can get him on Nevel in a few months.

Hope to see Holly Singleton and her Haflingers at the Driving Darby in Sacramento at the Horse Expo tomorrow.  I haven't ever gone to the Expo as I tend to not like large crowds of people...but I do want to see Holly drive and I want to look at horse trailers.

Speaking of Holly, she will be bringing Nevel down on Tuesday.  I can't wait to see that little "whipper-snapper"  and to start riding again.  He is 3, so technically I could do a 25 miler on him next year, but we will see.  I don't want to push him.  We will start out slow and easy.

In preparation I soaped up my River Plantation saddle and have it nice and clean...but honestly, it still sports some mud from the Fort Valley, Va ride that I did in 2008 when it rained for 5 hours straight and we were forging creeks up to Falcon's belly.  Ah, it is ok to carry good memories that inspire one to go on.

I am hoping that the Teal Biothane bridle and breastplate that I had for Red (the Missouri Fox Trotter) will fit little Nevel.  No doubt it WILL fit next year when he fills out, anyway, if it doesn't, I am sure I can figure out something from my pieces and parts from other bridles.  I am also looking forward to receiving a Skito pad this next week that has a teal colored pattern in it.  Until then I will use Falcon's royal blue Skito.  The Skito's are expensive (but I figured Nevel deserved ONE new item since everything else will be hand-me downs), but I highly recommend them and they are easy to wash once the inner pads are removed.

So kids...the adventures are soon to begin!