Tuesday, November 12, 2013


There's a Stalker down the lane

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dark Shadows

Injury to his right hind
A slice-what in the world could have caused this injury 
Not only sliced his flesh, but his hoof also!
 Green is the color of the day
 Giant Horses lurk in dark shadows
 Eating, ALWAYS eating...nom nom nom nom
 The rope that lasso's dark shadow's giants

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I have no Endurance-and beware yukky pictures

That's it folks, I have plumb run out of endurance.  I am giving up.  The latest is an injury to Nevel-The pics are blurry-sorry-crying doesn't help the picture taking process-I was already an emotional wreck when I got the calls about Nevel being found with a gash in his leg.
 These photos were taken after T hosed it out and put betadine on it.  It was getting dark by the time I got there and hard to really tell what was going on, but it was obviously more than a day old injury.
T said he was coated in mud from the pond and it was barely visible.  Mike said he had last worked with him on Wed. or Thur.  This was now Sat.   I don't get off work until after dark now with the short days so haven't been going out to see the horses at all.  And they have been fat and happy in the same pasture for a year now.
He also had a slice in his right hind hoof and a slice in that same hock.  It had to have been something EXTREMELY sharp???  C walked the pasture and didn't find anything.  I told T. it had to have been the culvert in the pond.  Since NEvel is ALWAYS in the pond!  So she told C to go check on it today (Sunday) and put a tire over it or something.  I meant to walk out there today, but didn't due to my emotional state 
Today I undressed/washed/betadined and re-wrapped him up.  The wound looked good, no pus, no swelling, no stinky mess, just some serous gooey drainage which is to be expected.  No point in calling a vet now, There is no bleeding, no swelling and no heat.  
He will live in a small paddock this week.
He puts full weight on it-even resting his hind leg
As always he is eating up a storm
Loves his powdered antibiotics too!
So, he is doing well, but as for me...not so good.