Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Short Jaunt

I have not been riding in several months : (
The last time I wanted to go
Both horses were lame!!!
Nevel with an abscess
Persee with a probable strained tendon
From dashing around in mud.
Then I have had multiple health issues this year
Finally the stars aligned
Weather was perfect
I took Nevel for a jaunt in the woods

He was on perfect behavior and we walked, trotted and cantered in the woods and meadow.
Then I saddled up Persee and took him for a hike.
He was a bit nervous on the lane due some loud scraping and banging of movers and he had 3 huge startles so I opted not to ride him.
He was well behaved once in the woods

 We had a nice 2.5 mile jaunt
Once back in the pasture Persee gives the steer “the eye”

The steer doesn’t care and wanders closer.  He is practically a pet. : (

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Take an empty supplement bucket
Spray paint it with your favorite color of paint
Make sure the paint is designed for plastic

Oops....remove lid and handle prior to painting the bucket.

I used a total of 3 coats of paint (dry thoroughly between applications) before replacing the handle.

Obtain stick on letters and place as you choose
Utilize handle to frame a pic of a pup on a couch..,,😆

I did not paint the underside of my lid.

Take your time and remove labels and adhesives  prior to painting
Label some more and add those tasty pony snax!!!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Something Scary in the Pasture!

Something scary in the pasture!!!
What should we DO???
RUN!  we should RUN!!!  RUN RIGHT!
(Try as I might
I couldn’t make this pic

Monday, August 12, 2019

Other hike and hospitalization..

a 4 day camping trip to Mammoth/McGee Creek area provided awesomeness in the flower department, a bear snarfing my stuff at 1 am, a fall (got dizzy and passed out.  The pup Murphy wasn’t much help and I ended up with my left leg completely swollen and bruised for 3 weeks post injury!), and an attempt to find the Crowley lake Columns.
Later I found out that water levels are so high this year from snow melt that the columns are back under water!
I was supposed to Volunteer for Tevis at Foresthill on the 17th...but then...
More on Friday at work my body was sabotaged with very odd rapid onset of chilling (no fever) extreme muscle aches, high white cell count (that was normal last week)and high heart rate.  That landed me in the ER for 7 hours, CT scan of the abdomen an overnight stay in the hospital, and a short OR procedure.  No cause found for the symptoms.  I have a 14 day heart monitor on.
I’m resting at home today after realizing I wasn’t supposed to drive yesterday (but did, to go feed the ponies snacks)
Maybe by Labor Day weekend I’ll be back riding.  Anyone want to go with me somewhere?
Sorry-below pics are out of order-what do you want from a girl with a concussion-it will keep YOU from being bored.
Tiger Lillies @ Lundy Canyon Beaver Ponds
Murphy and Me selfie
Natural Sand Art @ Crowley Lake
South Tufa @ Mono Lake
Indian Paint Brush and Aspen @ McGee Creek/Canyon
Purple bee balm type flowers with pink Indian paintbrush- McGee Creek Canyon
395 North headed South
Along the trail at Convict Lake
Sunset at the South Tufa-Mono Lake
Painted Rock at Lundy Lake beaver ponds
The Aliens are coming to Mammoth in the form of Lenticular Clouds
Dragon Flies were numerous at Hot Creek
Is there a bear out there?  Murphy peers out of the truck window at sunrise
More Crowley Lake Sand Art

Sunset at Sherwin Creek Campground-Mammoth
South Tufa-Mono Lake

After my fall and before the swelling set in.  13 people at work asked me if I had fallen off of my horse!  THAT would have been a better story than "no, I just turned around at my picnic table, blacked out and fell down!"
Sky McGee Creek Canyon
Crowley Lake sand walls-I looked in a hole and out flew a bird!  YIKES!!!
Hot Creek
More of the beautiful Indian paintbrush
...annnnd more sand art at Crowley Lake
Sunset on the South Tufa-Mono Lake
Lundy Canyon area

Bored and frustrated

Persee and I have had 3 trail rides since the day he came home.
1 with the trainer-4.6 miles walking.
1 with the barn owner 4 miles walking
1 alone 4 miles walk and trot.
Persee has some stumbling issues and he didn’t have them before.
His feet were long so I had the horrid shoes pulled - and now haven’t ridden him on trail since ☹️

Another day...
The scoot boots didn’t seem to fit right
It was hot
So I tossed them aside
Rode Persee in the arena for 20 min
Until we were both snorting dust.

I spent some time hiking.
Didn’t read my map correctly and ended up doing
10 miles...
Donner snow park at Boreal on the PCT over to the train tunnels and back.  Flowers were pretty, miniature catfish were fun and friendly, tunnels were cool.  If you haven’t been...go!

ON THE PCT-southbound

FRIENDLY FUN CATFISH in a pond along the way.
One view of the inside of the Donner Train Tunnels.  The light on the right is coming from a hole in the ceiling.
Lovely Pestemon
Lovely Lilac ee flowers
Looking down at the Donner Train Tunnels