Monday, January 21, 2013

The Proof is in the Photo

FINALLY on board!!!!
It has been almost 4 years ago since I "flew" off of Falcon and broke my ribs.
We had a nice quiet start today.
A long session of walking and practicing turns.
My only complaint is Mike's "FAT" round reins...but he is the "boss" for now!  : )

AND it was 65 degrees today!
Not sure why I had my coat on-security blanket maybe???

In the meantime...

It will most likely be another month before Allegheny Trail Saddles has my Wade saddle made.  I ordered it about a month ago after using their Steele "fit guides" to hopefully get a saddle that fits Falcon.

I have looked around at used saddles and it seems that if it fit me, it didn't fit Falcon...I have thought about those tree-less saddles that fit any horse-but have found so many mixed reviews and also a lot of them for re-sale on ebay that I opted not to go that route either.

Mikes Big Horn cordura fits him pretty well and I tried some out at the local tack shops, but I didn't really care for the price on them so I started searching around for used ones on Ebay.

One guy had one that I liked, but he never did give me the info on with regard to the gullet width, so he lost the sale on that one.

Last night I was perusing new ones on the internet and WOW, two of the companies were having a sale on the Big Horn endurance models and a whopping 40% off the price. I went with the company that was slightly more expensive because of the free shipping, so it balanced out.

I have just GOT to start riding again.  I have seen pretty good reviews on the Big horns-at least more good than bad.  It will be a good option to switch out now and then with the Wade whenever it comes and should Nevel as well in another year or two when HE grows up and fills out like Falcon did.

These horses..."nuthin but money pits!"  : )

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thwarted Again

I was going to actually ride Falcon today.
Even had my helmet and saddle.
I Saddled him up and took him to the arena.
He lunged fine.  But no amount of snugging up that girth
kept the saddle from slipping towards the earth!

Mike did not have his saddle with him, so we are hoping for tomorrow. the meantime...back at the ranch...How cute is THIS?
Nevel is pouting and impatient over being tied and wanting a snack.

I had put the saddle on Nevel and it fit him pretty well I think.
I put his bridle on to make sure it still fit properly since he has gone up 2 halter sizes since I got him this summer.
He lunged VERY nicely without any buckeroos.
Here he waits patiently for a snack.

Time to break in the new Ariats!

The old ones have gone many a-mile
They've been through the mud
Through "rocky hell" and high water
They've shrunk
and even stretched
After awhile.
Time to trade em in.
So I wore them out to the farm today
Nice and sunny and dry...
Then found those "ponies" clear across the creek
Not interested at all in what I had to speak.
So here they are my nice new shoes
Broken in with mud and dust in just a moment of time.
Looking just like the old ones...
But still feeling nice and fine!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nursing sore knees...

...but not with a pack of frozen peas.

A cold pack saved from Dr Foster and Smith shipment is helping to ease the pain.
I suppose I can blame someone else, but he isn't accepting guess I will just take it as an accident, cause I am not accepting responsibility either regardless of the fact that I must have been following too closely.

No, this wasn't a horse accident.  It was a biking accident in which I could not get my shoes unclipped from the pedals fast enough during a sudden stop. ( bike clips are great, most of the time.)Wham! Onto the pavement I crashed and now sport two sore scratched one swollen.

A young black man rode up behind us and asked if everything was, not really, so he asked if he could pray...and so he did.  Amazingy! It touched my soul, and I don't even remember what he said his name was.

I discovered that it was a bit  painful to ride and we were maybe 4 miles from the car.  The M.G.  Rode onward while I limped up the hill to a place to wait for him to get the car.  Now he is kindly timing my ice treatment with 20 min. on and 20 off.   That was after the Advil and wine/whine

I guess I better get up and move around before my 53 y/o knees lock up for good.

Huh...and I was afraid to get on my horse?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


...A Noun,
A Verb,
A Colour!

: )

Monday, January 14, 2013


Here is a picture of Drummer.  He likes attention and in this picture he was fascinated by Falcon being trained in the Arena.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I don't have pictures to prove it...


I started riding again!  This a great accomplishment for me because I have been very anxious about it due to prior injuries a few years ago.

Mike planned to put me on Falcon yesterday-and I KNOW I wasn't ready for it, but Falcon took care of that by being a little "off".  It is possibly from his vaccinations or his recent trim, so at least another day of leisure for him.

T saddled up Drummer and had me climb aboard while she kept him on the lunge line.  I was pretty tense despite the stretching exercises that she had me do.  Then she reminded me to BREATHE!
I don't think I BREATHE very fact I am not sure I why I am still alive.

In the end she said that I had good form and did really well.  That was very encouraging for me to hear because 1rst: I am very self conscious of someone watching me and 2nd: I have never had lessons, ever.
I learned to post while riding one of my friends endurance horses-they used to laugh and say that I only knew one gait on a horse and that was how to post at the flying trot.

Today I was supposed to meet Mike again, but he couldn't come until later, so T gave me a good long lesson on Drummer again.  This time on my own, walk/trot/canter around the arena.  The biggest thing I need to work on is BREATHING and holding the reins correctly.  Since I apparently have never held them correctly it is going to take some practice even though it makes sense.

Afterwards T left with her husband and A to go for a trail ride.  I worked Nevel in the the arena and it was FANTASTIC.   The best I have seen him.  I think I will try ground driving him next weekend if the weather is nice.  T is willing to give me more indeed...there may be hope for me after all.

Frosty Mornings...

...give way to sunny afternoons.
The "ponies" curl up and soak in the rays.
(Is this a case of a "two-headed" horse?)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Visit to the "Dentist"...

Two for One
Is what they said
All the same
It was quite a drain
And  left my bank account
Cold and dead

And thus the boys received quite a spa treatment today.

Falcon started his day by working with Mike the trainer, followed by a hoof trimming by Dennis.

Nevel was VERY VERY bad for his pedicure with Dennis and we had to make him work…BACK BACK BACK  twice before he would stand still for his hind hooves.

Then the limousine arrived to take them to the Equine Center.  Both loaded and traveled nicely.

After a short wait, the Doc and his assistant came over and introduced themselves.

Falcon was first and took TWO doses of sedative to get him sedate enough for the dental portion.  He has no reason to be dropping his grain other than sheer laziness as his teeth were basically fine, and a few irritated areas on the inside of his mouth from the many sharp points.

Then the doc asked me if I wanted them to wash his sheath while he was sedated.  I am glad I said yes, because he had a very large “bean” and the Tech could not get it out all in one piece due to its size. 
No doubt he would have kicked had he been fully awake for it since he was wobbly attempting to as it was.
Following that he received his yearly vaccinations and was taken drunkenly to a holding pen to wake up.

Nevel was next and the decision was made to have his wolf teeth pulled as they were further forward then the Vet recommends in anticipation for “bit” work. 
He also had his points filed, his sheath cleaned, and yearly vaccinations.

Hopefully we won’t need to see the Vet for a LONG time!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So Very Very Cute...

I found this on Facebook.  Unfortunately it did not have any info with it for acknowledgement/recipe...If I find it, I will post:

Saturday, January 5, 2013

In Jersey and Virginia...

...we used to give away summer squash.
In "these here parts" of Northern California...its a whole "nuther" ball game!
: )
Lemons, Lemons, and more LEMONS!  ;)

More Round Penning

"How do I look... ORANGE Ma?"

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow Movin' Haflinger

Maybe this year I will ride again....

In the meantime I have had 3 opportunities this week to get out and visit the horses...mostly just to feed and brush them, but today I decided that Nevel had been getting a bit pushy and needed to be reminded of his manners.
To the round pen we went-but he took full advantage of the fact that I was trying to film him with my camera and opted to be mr. pokey until I put it away.  Also in the video you will catch a glimpse of two horses.  The white horse was EXTREMELY evil after I put my phone away...baring it's teeth in the most ugly fashion I had ever seen and flattening its ears so tight to the head that it looked like they were non-existant.  The horse would then go raring off kicking and bucking before returning for Nevel's next return on that side of the pen.  Regardless, Nevel seemed un-phased, did fairly well with some unfilmed cantering and turns and earned a walk up the lane to lush green grass.