Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maybe I should....

...just call this blog ...

Last week I realized that I have only ridden once in...oh...3 years?

That one ride was on Sinwaan...a past horse of mine who I donated to my niece who now enjoys him more than I did.  She offered me a fine ride around a lovely lake in WA and it was indeed the highlight of my Thanksgiving weekend...despite being in a "too small" saddle.

Falcon's arrival in CA did not offer up any opportunities for riding as he had been out to pasture for several years and had behaved poorly when asked to wear a saddle.

So, since then, we went through bad shoers, a trainer who moved to Texas only a week and a half after starting Falcon, and now lameness from the bad shoeing experience prior to starting his training at Esler Arabians.  Falcon seems to always find a way to avoid my goal of endurance horse for him.

(yes in this pic he was quite filthy having enjoyed a good roll in the mud.

Hopefully his training will re-begin again tomorrow.

In the meantime, I lost my nerve completely...also have panic attacks when I even think about riding him and sometimes when I am around him.

I decided to CURE myself and buy ANOTHER horse!  yep...that's right!
I try and blame it on my niece...sure why not...following her tall tales of conditioning Sinwaan for a ride in Montana.  hhhmmmmmm  : )

I consider my age and decide I am a wise old sage!  ha...anyway...better at choosing animals anyway.
The cats I adopted from the SPCA are prime example of THAT!
As I said, I am getting old and I don't remember the present, only the past.  So I remembered my Haflingers that I once had for a short time really, only a few years which brings up the bad past and I had to sell them.  In fact the ONLY reason I still have Falcon is because I was unable to sell him back in 2006.  But he and I managed to make it work and we bonded quite I don't know what is wrong with my brain now.
Ok off the I perused the internet, looking for a good Haflinger match for myself...none...ok, so I checked into a breeder site.  Top of the Line Haflingers in Redding CA.  You should check out Holly's web site.  She has beautiful Haflingers AND she does endurance too!  YES on HAFLINGERS!  and they do quite well.  Holly will be driving/showing her hafys at the Sacramento Horse Expo in June...Ya...well the story is long, so I will quit.  Bottom line?
I bonded with a "young man" named Nevel TLF during the visit and he will be coming to life at Lakeside Equestrian on June 12.   I am counting down the days.