Sunday, August 13, 2017


What a knarly mess
I'd say these feet need a little trim.
The Frog looks pretty good on this oneOdd shape going on here.  This is his cracked hoof.
I don't believe the injury will ever heal.  However... he is sound.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I think I'm gonna DIE!

The weather has cooled down
70's and 80's to start the day
No triple digits.
Im looking forward to a nice 10 mile+ ride
on Nevel today...

I felt nauseous on the drive up
I felt very warm while saddling Nevel...
It was only about 76 degrees.

I persisted and walked him down the road to the trail.
Barely dragging myself on-He stood still.
Down the trail we went-Barefoot.
We rode to the lake, where the trail bends around
He has to hop down a rock ledge and doesn't want too...

Nevs tries his backing stunt
Then his whirl around stunt
I cropped him and made him stand at the tiny ledge
Managed to snap a nice picture for once!

Finally I give up and get off and lead him up a small hill
through the rocks.
I feel overwhelmingly hot!
How can this be...its not THAT hot
Plus I have electrolytes!  Im prepared
But I'm hotter than Hades And getting dizzy.
Some how I get back on Nevs.  I start having an Asthma attack
I can't get my air...whatttt?    I haven't had an attack in YEARS.
Plus I am having major can THAT be?  Is this a heart ATTACK?
GALLBLADDER attack?  I can't think, nor breathe very well. I feel like everything is going BLACK....
I'm GOING TO DIE out here less than two miles from the barn!
The rest I don't remember, I kinda slumped on Nevel while still trying to get air...
I heard a little kid, far below us say...."look Tommy!  a HORSE!"
After that I was at Horseshoe Bar Road, not remembering going up the steep hill at all.
Nevs sauntered us home, I could breathe and I wasn't so hot anymore.  But I had a horrible headache!
Nevs found some tasty grass to eat on the corner and I just sat and felt very comfortable in the saddle while he ate.

Whats up with those Mail boxes...and this Lemon Tree?
The Lane was a welcome sight and we only did 3 miles which included the walk up to the barn to give Nevs a shower and sheath/bean cleaning...yuk!

I didn't want to press my luck by riding Persee, so hopefully tomorrow...tomorrow
Guess I need to purchase some head and neck coolers and figure out what is going on with my metabolism and such.  Last weekend I rode 16 miles (bike) at 6000 feet one day,  10 miles the next and then on the third day we hiked 5 miles with a 1300 ft elevation gain at 7000 ft...I did fine, no issues at all!  It WAS cooler, but STILL....  : (

Friday, August 11, 2017

Muse From the Past

If I could fly....

If I could fly On Falcon wing
what would I see
What would I sing
Where would I be?

If I could fly
Spirit free
Uplifted soaring
Spiraling to see
Where would I be?

If I could fly
Looking down from above

I'd like to see
You and me
Sitting beneath
That giant blue oak tree

Passing time
Talking and singing
Of things sublime
Of life worth bringing

And if I could fly

I would be able to see

The future
For you
And for me

Come fly with me

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Moisture And Nature overpower Kilauea

Sizzling Hot! A Sacramento Forecast! Photos of Kilauea


1. Crazy Work
2. Volcanoes, Vanilla, & Kayaking/Snorkeling in Hawaii (lotta fun and relaxing)
3. Crazy work (Boss informs me in a text message on my work phone-that I didn't Take to Hawaii-"You're back on pms!" more getting off at 2 pm to go ride my ponies :(
4. 1 ride in the arena on Nevel & 1 on bad Persee (had to lunge him for 20 min before he would quit bucking at the canter)
5. Go home feeling nauseated and chilled in 97 degree heat...sick for 2 days. :(
6. WEATHER REPORT...TRIPLE DIGITS for next 10 days :(
7. Crazy people at work!
8. I'm depressed
9. 1 more day of Crazy Work
10. Headed to Tahoe tomorrow....Wonder if I can talk my husband into getting up at 3:30 a.m. To watch the Tevis start....naahhhh...probably not! He.s only seen Nevel once in the 4 years I've known him- and that view was from the car. Can't get him near a horse.

Ok....maybe NEXT weekend I can Re-start riding AGAIN! :(

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Nevel is NEVER impressed with a Groomed Arena

Hawaii for 5 Days! Need I say more?