Monday, March 14, 2022

The Boys are HOME

 Moves are hateful

But mainly because 


too many interests and dabblings!

The easiest part was moving the horses.

Persee & Nevel walked right up on to the trailer like they knew it was going to be a good thing.

Neither had been on the trailer in 2 years as trails and arena were accessible.

Nevel is so silly!

Persee had a slight jump off of the trailer and splashed poo all over me, then he had some startles at something rustling in the weeds on the way to the barn/paddock but settled right in eating grass.
Nevel also ate grass immediately of course.
Enjoy it boys.  It will soon be gone.

There are 3 paddocks with a series of gates.  One has narrow passage to the only stall I had open, so they were a bit silly at first with that but soon found their way to the bigger steep area.
We still won’t be riding for awhile.
But at least they are home!!!

Cool, California views from Black Dog Knoll : )

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Count Down

 T.-5 and counting

So much to do before then!

To Buy:

Water Tank-

Hay- hhhmmm where to buy at a decent price-last years hay at this point in time should be cheaper

Treats and feed

To Do:

Double check the pasture/fence lines 

Air in trailer tires

Gas up truck~glut glut glug 

Sweep out the hay storage

Organize the tack room

T-5 the BOYS come HOME!!!