Sunday, January 12, 2020

The usual-no Riding : (

I’ve had more issues with my body then I care to disclose...

Numbness in my extremities, dizziness, overall aches and pains...

Is THIS. What happens when you turn 60?

The dizziness was intermittent-although the worst-accompanied by feeling like I was going to pitch forward,  sweating and extreme nausea.  GOOD GRIEF!  Although I rode Nevel once I did not feel balanced enough for Persee....

Then...on October 15th our house flooded-due to housekeeper error.  Our walls were torn out, our cabinets, appliances and furniture all gone.
The dogs enjoyed racing between our 2x4 walls...
We improvised cooking with a Coleman camp stove and the grill until the weather got a bit rainy and nippy...
Insurance company screwed money for months!

And so the days of fall into December wore on..

Limited hiking, no bike or horseback riding...gaining an horrific amount of weight!  Agha
Extremely ill parents...deaths of two very close relatives...horrid home and work conditions...I just wanted 2016. Er....2019 To be over.

The Dogs My only solace
Griffen the Old Wizard
Quincy the Baby Varmit (50/50 German Shepherd Poodle)
Murphy the middle son who gets blamed for everything
2020 arrived while I was asleep.  We had celebrated early with take out from Ruth Chris and champagne 🥂 at our little card table after I got off of work late.

I had hoped to ride-except I was still we took the dogs for a 2 mile walk...then managed a 15 mile bike ride after which my right ear gurgled and popped and suddenly my dizziness went away.
(I had enflamed ears with fluid behind them that last for months!!!)

Back at work I was notified I would be starting work later!  I was soooo mad!
But then I thought about it...when the weather warms I’ll actually be able to ride early before work.
Though it WILL. Be early it’s better than no riding during the we will see...that or I’m sending the horses to Washington State for my Niece and grand niece to borrow for a few years until I retire.

Ive given up on LD & endurance riding.  My body is in a revolt and now I just got bit by a tick and the symptoms are a bulls eye with spreading rash!  They say it is typical of Lymes disease.  I don’t know-but that is the last thing I need.

The pup had numerous ticks and had 3 very enflamed areas as well.

I decided I’m going to retire at 62..that is 2 years away!  I need to be outside most of the time.
I can’t tolerate being surrounded by people daily.
I need to explore the mountains and the valleys more
From sea to shining sea! !