Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Change of Pace

Quite a change of pace tonight after last nights slow adventure with Red.

Falcon was sleepy during saddling, but as soon as I mounted him, he began briskly walking down the trail. No balking from him and we reached the top of the ridge trail in good time...with Falcon trotting or cantering nicely.

We turned to the East and headed down in to the hollow. Sundays rain storm had left the "tire track" puddles full. Falcon never wants to walk in these puddles. It must be the oily film on them, but regardless, there wasn't much room on the "shoulder" for us to pass by them to the right today.

We then headed up out of the hollow. The trail is rocky with steep embankment upwards to the left and steep drop off to the right. At this point, a pheasant fluttered noisly up and out to the left.

Falcon made a giant leap to the right...but I hung on and nudged him hard with my right leg to get back over. He quickly did and continued on up the trail. I was thankfull for the trees in that area which discouraged him from going down over the side.

We then galloped full speed for the radio tower. Usually, I dismount before we reach the top and I then lead Falcon down over the East side of Piney Mt., but tonight I took him on up to the top to the radio tower, which is really, only about 1 tenth of a mile further.

Here, I dismounted, checked my girth, had some water, and remounted. Falcon was "ready to roll", so I circled and backed him before allowing him to go forward.

He almost seemed puzzled when we went by the trail to the East. He hesitated and flicked his ear as he looked in that direction, but it didn't take much cajoling to keep him going south and then back East towards home.

Half way down the ridge trail, he had a major "dipping" spook at a "HORSE EATING STUMP", but other than that we arrived back at the barn with out further ado.

We only did 3.5 miles, but I was tired and my knees screamed "pain" when my feet hit the ground. Too much time in the kitchen canning and freezing.

Mental note to self "NO CANNING or FREEZING fruits and Vegies after Sunday" I plan on resting for a full week (other than my job) before the ride and taking a stash of Advil with me in my saddle pack.

The weather was hotter and sticker than yesterday too...thank goodness for a horse that likes to GOOOOOOOOO!

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Shana said...

Lan sakes, you are giving me a story to read every day - how fun! I am very proud of you.