Friday, August 8, 2008

Ready to GO

No Riding tonight. OH but the weather is BEAUTIFUL! 82, breezy, no humidity...but I had work to do to start getting ready for the LD ride in 2 weeks.

First I hauled all of the STUFF out of the tack room part of the horse trailer.
I was hoping to limit what I put back IN there....hhhmmm, no such luck. I felt like I was going to NEED everything.

Spare Tire 25 gallon water tank, 2- 10 gallon water tanks, 2 folding chairs, jumper cables
Potty Chair!!!! (oh and toilet paper)
Buckets and scoops
Tool Box
Engine coolant-two jugs of that...

Truck Tent
Truck Mattress
Sleeping Bag
Queen mattress

Oh, and so I decided that now would be a good time to try and set up that dumb tent again on my truck. I couldnt quite figure it out, so I set it up on the pavement then lifted it on to the truck and adjusted the tie downs. That worked out ok.
Just hope there arent any strong winds....OR SHANA, I'm gonna be crawling into the tack room with you!

Then I blew up the Truck mattress and checked that out...seems to be pretty comfy. Then I blew up the queen mattress...uh, it is TOO BIG for the tack room, so I squashed it up some on one side and rolled on to it....Well...Shana, let me know how it does for ya!

Ok, everything checked out, so I deflated the mattresses and the tent and got everything rolled up and back in to the tack room.

Yikes, I still need to make room for feed and a cooler of grub for me and Shana.

Ok so I am countin' down the days to the ride now. I need to get air in the truck tires, but other than that I am READY to GO!

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Shana said...

I can't believe how close it is already! Yikes!