Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok, I bet you don't know how SLOW a horse can WALK!

Red, my "Missouri Fox Trotter" showed me just how SLOW he could walk tonight! MFT's are known for their high powered walk....HAH!

Any bets? Alright then, I will tell ya...1.3 mph! Now that is SLOW, HECK, EVEN I can walk 4 miles an hour!

But let's be positive! At least he was MOVING! This was going to be a longggggggg ride!

We took the usual trail throught the woods and down to the Piney Mountain tonight, it was late and it would be too dark in the woods and too risky as far as bear and mountain lion go.

At the mail boxes, we turned left and headed down Brookstone. Clip Clop, Clip Clop, clip clop...geeezzz I was tired of trying to make him go faster.

Might as well relax and settle in and keep on truckin! We are sure to get the
"turtle award" at some Endurance Ride!

1.5 miles later and we make it to the end of the gravel road...after that the road is paved and there isn't any shoulder. I turned him around and YAHOOOO, Red decides to trot, but it is fun at all and he refused to stretch out and go faster. BLAH! but hey, at least we weren't WALKING!

Into the field we went, more choppy trotting and even worse cantering alternating with some sort of choppy jig and a hop or is he LAME?

Half way around we frightened a doe with her twins. The does tail flagged and she took off to the right as the twins went left. Red dipped a little at this occurance, but no major shy.

I kept him moving at what ever gait he was doing...hopping, that is what is was, yea, hopping.

To the gate and in to the big cow pasture. Here, Red really took off, but still he did not have his usual smooth canter. Around the field we went giving wide Berth to Mr Bull who was off in a corner to himself.

On to the other side of the field...oh boo hiss the WHOLE HERD is grazing right on the hill that I love to run Red up. So we walk some more, Red warily eyeing cows and calves on either side of him.

The cows are starting to get used to us and don't run crazy anymore when they see us. Maybe I will be able to bring Falcon out here again soon.

Soon we are wide open again and choppy cantering. UGH what a gait. What has happened to my smooth gaited it his shoes?

We reached another gate on the South End of Brookstone. Here I turn Red to the right since he has been bad everytime that I try and mount. All 5 of my attempted remounts tonight had been met with him trying to run for home. Harumph, I will FIX him!

Yep, so south we went, all the way to the other end of Brookstone. Red hadn't a clue where he was, musta thought he was heading for home because FINALLY he settled in to a nice steady trot.

Once again, we reached paved road and I turned Red around in the Turners driveway and waited for a vehicle to pass. Then off we went at a steady gait for home.
Red trotted the whole mile home and almost trotted right past our driveway...boy he WAS lost.

But he realized it quickly and tried to balk, but I made him go a few steps further to Ruth's drive and headed him that way so we could go through the woods and end up at the back side of the barn. That would add another mile to the ride.

Man did Red fly for the next half of a mile...he was flying at a 14mph trot and he was so smooth. Gone was all of the choppiness....hhhhhm, and I thought Falcon was the trickster...turns out Red is more of a trickster then Falcon!

Unfortunately, when I pulled Red's saddle off there was a big dry spot over one shoulder. This is the first that I have noticed this. I had just put on a new Roper Cinch and am thinking that is why Red bucked Peg on Saturday and then also had the choppy gaits for most of tonights 6.3 mile ride.

So, out with the new and back in with the old staight cinch. I am glad I figured this out before the ride! I will flip back to the old cinch on Thursdays ride and look for an improvement in the saddle fit.

The weather, by the way, was GORGEOUS 72 at the start of the ride and had probably dropped in to the 60's by the end. The sky was clear and the sun was setting as we sauntered in to the barn lot. What a LOVELY way to end the day....

BUT...oh shoot, I have 6 dozen ears of corn to get in the freezer....

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Shana said...

Hmm interesting change in gaits - but the change in girth and saddle fit could be the culprit. I hope so, that would be easy to fix. Sounds like a super ride!