Monday, August 18, 2008

Trot Outs

I was happily surprised today, when Red quickly took off at a trot when I asked.

It was short lived....As we reached the gate out of the barn lot, he veered to the left at full speed and then immediately put his head down and started ripping up some lovely green grass and clover....

Ok now, NONE OF THAT! I yanked on his lead and put him back on the path to the goat pasture. That completed, we turned with him attempting to yank at more grass, but he then came along very willing and at a steady fast trot to the barn. YEAHHH!

Falcon was next and at first he balked and lifted his head high, but with in a few steps he was trotting nicely to the gate, turn and back to the barn at a steady slow trot. YEAHHHHHHH!

With three more days of practice under their cinches, both boys should be in good shape for their "trot outs" on Friday.

1 comment:

Shana said...

GOOD WORK Kimba! Now when you say trot, is Red actually trotting, or gaiting?