Sunday, August 10, 2008

Water Bottles

The story goes like this...

Two years ago, I sent my beloved Sinwaan to my neice Shana, to have and to "hold on to". In the midst of divorce, I decided to sell my other horses and was so happy when Shana said that she would take Sinwaan.

I sent along a big trunk with him-various tack, an english saddle, and above all else, apparently at least one WATER BOTTLE...maybe there were more, I don't know.

Other than many Thanks, I didn't hear anything at all about the water bottle(s).!

Shana is planning on flying East in a week and a half and will be attempting to get a barely conditioned Red through a 31 mile Limited Distance ride.

Off and on, we have discussed various necessities for the of them being THE WATER BOTTLE. Shana emailed me a comment about the fact that she hoped the water bottles were "clean"...and then I heard the story of the nasty water bottle that I had sent in the tack trunk.

My retort was "AH, now you REALLY ARE looking that gift horse in the mouth"!

It is all in good humor of course...but today, it made me think that it was about time I took a close look at MY water bottles for the ride.

I went out to the horse trailer and pulled two water bottles out of my saddle pack.
One just had some dust on it and the other....well, the other, was er, uh, well, uhm, green mold or something growing out drops of left over Gatorade!

Needless to say (SHANA) all 5 water bottles are soaking in a bleach solution and then will be promptly put in the dishwasher! NO WORRIES GIRLIE and a lesson learned!

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Shana said...

Oh no! Too funny!! Well I can only currently find ONE of the FOUR that I am sure that I own!